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Full Version: Technical Issues
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Moving to an independent platform has its challenges. This forum is probably going to suffer from a litany of technical issues that were absent in the last incarnation. Here are my main concerns:

- We are following best practices, but cyber-attacks are always a risk. This site saves e-mails, though I've disabled the mods' ability to see them. They will almost certainly be leaked in the event of a cyber-attack. Do not register here with your personal or work e-mail, and use a VPN if you're so inclined.
- I'm using a very cheap VPS, so bandwidth is at a premium. Thankfully, we can stay well below the bandwidth cap just by disabling local attachments. Please use an external image hosting service like Imgur or ImgBB.
- Comfy has been achieved.

If you have any concerns, reports, or suggestions, feel free to voice them here or in a private message.
Added the DVZ mentions plugin. It allows you to mention users. One-word names like can be typed verbatim; for multi-word names like you need to surround them with quotes. You can also mention users by ID, as in .

@"Nathan J Robinson"
Made a small tweak to the forum software to fix the issue w/ quoting guest posts. The existing posts with broken quotes are still there, of course, but from now on I'll fix every one I come across when I'm re-reading an old thread.


I can't register. Who the hell knows the exact name of every variation of soyjack? I tried soyjack, soyboy, soy jack, soy boy, bugman, bug man, neckbeard, neck beard. I did a reverse image search to see if I could find the exact name but found nothing.
Is it possible to enable attaching files (images specifically)?
(05-13-2022, 02:07 AM)obscurefish Wrote: [ -> ]Is it possible to enable attaching files (images specifically)?

Yes. I disabled the feature for bandwidth reasons. Please upload to Imgur or ImgBB instead.
Carry on.
Just got an auspicious phone call from HQ. Things are looking up.