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Update: Bitcoin donations are up. Feel free to donate. When I have enough money saved in these wallets, I'll remove my personal payment information from the hosting site, and run it solely off crypto.

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When I announced my (thankfully shorter-than-expected) leave a couple of days ago, several people in chat expressed an interest in donating to help cover costs. As I've been something of a miser w.r.t our software / hardware stack, we run on a shoestring budget. Our expenditures are, in total:

~ $10 annually for our domain
~ $3-$5 a month for server hosting

I've already paid up-front for two years of domain renewals and six months of hosting. I could pay this out of pocket indefinitely, but would prefer receiving donations for two reasons:

1. I'm currently out of work. My income and savings are rather meager, so if I can help it, I'd rather not spend any of my own money on these things.
2. Our based hosting company is a prime target for politically motivated hacking. Our domain registrar, Epik, has already been the victim of a major hack. I'd like to remove my financial info from these services in case such a hack occurs again.

Thankfully, our registrar and hosting company allow cryptocurrency payments through Coinbase a variety of crypto wallets. I'm not knowledgeable about cryptocurrency in general, let alone this particular payment processor, so I'll have to put much caution into setting things up. Would appreciate advice.
I will donate, of course, but I don't know full well how to do it anonymously. I am... a bit stupid regarding cryptocurrencies.


make a moneto wallet ffs

Quote:make a moneto wallet ffs