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10.000th post before January 1 2024?
Some small context, Amarna 2.0 (the current one) was made in January 2022. Some of the oldest posts are about the Ukraine War, taking 17 months to get to 6.500 it may seem as an easy "no" but keep in mind that the forum exploded in membership and activity on Summer 2022 and recently this Spring. You can see that the record for most users at a time (42) was on Match 31. I decided to make a poll.

Discussion on explaining your choice is appreciated. I voted Well-Possible due to current trend of new users. Can be done quite easily with enough will.
I can't vote, but I will say well-possible on the higher end of things. Burger politics should have rumblings that cause all sorts of elements to shake around, prompting discussion (even if it's just to laugh). War continues too. Cultural side of things...sociological...I can't see much happening but who knows.
8,500 posts by this month’s end? 
[Image: https://sportshub.cbsistatic.com/i/2021/...232694.jpg]
We are currently experiencing the best thread in the site's history. I don't really care for numbers when it's this good. Still, 10k by next year is an interesting thought. Seems very doable. Should make more controversial threads, that always brings out the effort and numbers. This site should become the internet's most active warzone.
After a long while i have logged back in and we are post 9.997. Nice.
10 good posts by 2030?
(11-21-2023, 10:00 AM)anthony Wrote: 10 good posts by 2030?

Are there 10 intelligent people online? Not on this site, I mean the entire internet.
I have already made 10 good posts.

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