10th Position
10th Position, the ideology of 10th Positionists, is a political outlook that is intimated in some parts of the Templist Canon and arguably by the zeitgeist of the Amarna Forum.

Quote:“Loyalty over ideology” means, refusing to sacrifice those with whom you have personal loyalties (e.g friends, family, those to whom you have sworn loyalty) or impersonal loyalties (e.g countrymen, ethnic-folk, locals, those who you personally like or are-like but have not met), for some kind of abstract ideology.

Quote:An honorable society ... holds men to account for whichever they choose. They are trusted according to how they act. Nobody may act like a dishonorable rogue, yet be trusted by fiat.

Quote:There needs to be a political subculture, aligned with the Templist ethos (perhaps, an extension of the Templist subculture), which has a penchant for analyzing localities; their issues, demographics, geographies, economics, reliable statistics, political strategic environment etc, and applying our ethos to such local knowledge.

Quote:The decision about what to do with a [Proud Boys, which a reader suggested are "broken, therefore must be destroyed"] chapter [to assist it, destroy it, manipulate it, do nothing, etc] should be based upon an understanding of local and specific facts.

Quote:A decentralized subculture in a given area, characterized by personal relationships of friendship and honor. In this case, there is no expectation of legality (or illegality), and Templists freely choose to support each other in their endeavors or to abstain from them. The [new royalty] claimant arises organically once such a claimant is needed.

Quote:There are virtuous and unvirtuous people in a variety of religions, ideologies, and organizations. Many Templists, even, are sure to be unvirtuous losers - people who are born to serve the interests of the virtuous.

Quote:Ideologies describe the intent of a group in the treatment of their actual or hypothetical subjects.

Quote:For, there are a potentially innumerable amount of people that can be looked into as potential clansmen. To properly narrow down the recruitment pool, the clan should primarily look for new members in those tribes that are most likely to harbor clannishly similar individuals.
Quote:It is true, per Tribes of Virtue, that ideologies themselves are tribes of people who have impersonal (often as well as personal) loyalties. For most people, ideological loyalties are not greater than non-ideological loyalties. If, in a given person or group of people, these loyalties are naturally greater, then many of the exampled actions become advisable for them where for most people they are inadvisable. My point is therefore not to admonish against any particular activity, but against the motivation of sacrificing affinities for principles or mere ideas.
"Honour" is a word I haven't seen used seriously in a while. I think I like how it sounds.
(03-06-2023, 02:09 AM)anthony Wrote: "Honour" is a word I haven't seen used seriously in a while. I think I like how it sounds.

Can a race stuck in the mire of decadence know such fine passions and feelings? The modern man is prideless, he knows not how he degrades himself. He has no reason to doubt he is a mere animals and acts as such.

Was it not Plato who spoke of a divine spark, “you are not animal but divine.” For such a word to return as well as those more finer delicate things particular to humanity such as tender romantic love, or true morality, a sense of Pride must be established. A Divine identity established.
>templist cannon
Oh fuck off with this bullshit already.
(03-06-2023, 02:17 PM)Guest Wrote: >templist cannon
Oh fuck off with this bullshit already.

Shut up faggot, YWNBAT
(03-06-2023, 02:09 AM)anthony Wrote: "Honour" is a word I haven't seen used seriously in a while. I think I like how it sounds.

It sounds better if it is defined in a coherent way rather than in a LARP dumb ass way. I distinguish between "true honor" and "the honor of thugs". It is an important distinction:

Quote:Honor is not, as some pagans allege, an esoteric property. It refers to the esteem, trust, and indebtedness that is felt or owed to you by others.

Quote:I mean "trust” in the sense of predictability, “trusted to do something”. I do not mean “trust” in the sense of “counted upon to produce a good outcome”. The effeminate sensitivity that, in some cultures, passes for “honor” is therefore not really honor, because it is not predictable. For example, the caning of Charles Sumner, sometimes taken as an example of “American honor”, is an example of a dishonorable action. It was an unpredictable act of passion. Examples of true honor are to be found more often in medieval Europe, when nobles conducted themselves with professional courtesy. The former may be called “the honor of thugs”, while the latter may be called “martial honor” or simply “honor”.

Quote:Thus exemplifying the dangers of swearing oaths of secrecy and loyalty to those who do not care about you. For, oaths are principles of honor, and he who abides by a principle of honor for utilitarian reasons will violate a principle of honor for utilitarian reasons, when circumstances change. This is seen in many gangs and mafias, who swear “blood oaths” to become “as-if family”. Yet the fact is that they are not family, that they swear “blood oaths” for career advancement rather than for love, and they all just as soon inform on each other and kill each other when career advancement dictates.

Quote:Here again Templist honor is contrasted with the “honor of thugs” (see Humanity & Politics). Thugs are encouraged to give their word of honor, it becomes a “virtue signal”. Templists only give their word of honor when they know that they will uphold it.

Quote:Likewise do thugs use “respect” as a virtue signal, while Templists show respect for those who they respect. Using honor, respect, deference, praise, etc, as tools, is dishonorable, not honorable. Meatheads who reckon themselves “fictitious brothers” are not trustworthy, they are exaggerating. Yet, such agreements are valid. It must be expected that they will be upheld. You do not want to be expected to uphold that which you will not uphold.

Thug-honor is the corruption of true honor so that it may be used as a virtue signal, or in some instances as an empty word. It is the "honor" of the Dixie who assaults you for insulting his weight - no, he isn't sensitive and violent, he was upholding "honor". It is the "honor" of Tsar Alexander I who, after having agreed with the coalition to advance on Paris in tandem, and thus equalize the spoils of war, marched on Paris alone - no, he was not making a naked power play, this was for him a "matter of personal honor". These types of people malign the word honor. They even cause some who wish to "return to honor" to advocate such niggerdom. True honor is acting in a predictable and honest way, abiding by agreements, behaving professionally with those of equal caste whether they be friends or enemies. Interestingly:

Quote:In any case, the individual will come to be known for the degree of honor he practices. If honorable in general, he will be trusted in general. If honorable only within a given group, he will be trusted in that group only.

Quote:[in] an honorable society ... [men] are trusted according to how they act. Nobody may act like a dishonorable rogue, yet be trusted by fiat. See again medieval Europe for an example of how this looks.

It is not necessary to "be absolutely honorable", since not all people deserve to be treated honorably. It is only necessary to reckon honor as a factor.

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