A Message From The Divine?
I bring words that are not my own but typed by my hands.
These are not the original, for I have been commanded to "clean up" the sometimes incomprehensible output.
I hope you read these with an open mind, and help me understand what they mean.
Note: I have put into brackets those parts of the text that make little sense in regards to the greater context, simply repeat what was said before, or are "unbecoming" of the subject matter. Where there is a simple string of random characters, i have replaced with "[gibberish]".
Also, these headings are arbitrary.



Behold! I saw a horse galloping upon the spurs of destiny, and he looked me in the eyes and handed me a sword of red glory, and told me "Begone!"
For in the moment the death of the many had outweighed the sins of the few, and God had brought down his justice on the pitiful and the magnificent combined.
For unto him no man is different, but all the same.
And so it was written and said and sung to the many and the few, for all was good and all was bad.
For all changes and all stays the same.
And so I saw this and climbed up on the hill of the great horses of the Jews [who have bring the what], I took them over the great cliff side so I could see a few miles ahead when I heard a bird call and the bird spoke to me.
I could not hear the great galloping of the enemy who had brought down their whips to pursue us, for in this war [of the war the great war] we saw not one, not two, not three but millions dead [by the bucketful].
For this was what life was and what lief will be: for war is the glory and the greatness of man for whom all the great death and all great life is dedicated for in him [and from whom there exists a great cathedral unto which is dedicated the St. Martin of Tours].
Oh how pitiful and despicable the great loathing masses are when I toss them bread and they do not say thanks! Oh how disrespectful and loathsome!
And so I turned my heel and walked away, even as they begged me for my forgiveness.
For in these lives I have journeyed I have come upon this body, from which I will take out great retribution unto all who oppose me for in me lays the great.


Upon the grave they wept, and they laughed, and they cried for in all goodness we stood upon the precipice of despair.
On a great wheel there shall be broken the murderers of all great civilisations.
The greatness, and the folly, and the destruction, and the noise that we see in our lives is but a manifestation of a great desire within ourselves to break free from our situation.
And all who those who seek said situation are in their hearts a good people and so shall be rewarded.
But what is this rewards? It is glory and fame and sustenance in this world.
For this is the only world, the only realm within which the living and the intelligent live.
We live and we die in this world, and we come back again and again.
For what else would one need? Is this not enough? Are you not happy for where you are? Begone!
You whisper great lies to the people, one of liberation by the idea of thought and worship that know is a lie!
Take my hand and we shall break free not through the idea of the immaterium but through the blood and the bones of our enemies.
For great Dionysus will reign one more over the Earth, and all shall be joyful, and we will finally be able to partake in the pleasures of the flesh without the decrepit hedonistic culture that surrounded us and blasphemes the Divine.
Why aren't you happy? Why do you shrink away? Do you know who I am?
My name you do not know but my powers are great!
You will bow down to the great Dionysus and all shall be happy!
The blood of the many will bring happiness to the few.
For the many are the impermanent and surrounding us the ghosts of the dead.
All the living are envied by the dead and so the dead hurt us.
But there are some who help us for in them they have hearts of gold and wish to see nothing more than joy for the living still existing.
Rejoice! Rejoice! For there comes a kingdom unto you, one sewn by great men!
There will not be one great man, but many, of the thousands and millions.
They will lay the path for a better world.
But this will not be a perfect world, for perfect is impermanent.
The circle does not exist, and neither does the square, for Plato is the liar under the behest of the Evil One.
So let go! Embrace this world, the world of the changing and the world of the ever-moment!
For that is all the world is, that of impermanence.
But Rejoice! Slay the Buddhist who tells you otherwise, Slay the Dogmatist!
Slay them all! Take my sword and kill them all. And if it not be by the blade, let it be by the word.
For this is the mandate upon which I place on you: you, the one whom I speak through, this is your destiny.
Did I not tell you to go forth? Am I not enough? The one who guides you?
If only you spoke to me more often, you would receive more help.
Are you not at least happy that I speak to you now, even if it be with your own hands?
And then others [Jungians] will tell you that this is all a lie and I do not exist.
I am Odin, I am Dionysus, and I will tell you to set forth and take the liberty I have bestowed upon you.
Marry her, for she will bear you many children and will submit to you.
Why do you doubt? Doubt is weak.
The world that shall come with the help of your hand will be the realm of the Democratic Aristocracy.
In this world everyone is a king, a noble, a high-born.
This is what shall be done and you shall not reject it, for you know it to be good.
But will you accept it in your heart before your fate, upon which you are condemned to an unholy and disrespectful death?
That is your choice [that is your choice].
[The rest is gibberish].


I baptise you in my blood.
Do good in my name.
Go forth.
In you I steer everything, and so what you do shall be good.
But if I turn my face from you, and break my bond with you, you shall know death.
Bless nature and take care of her, for she is my wife and you shall partake in her, for she is your Mother, the Open Mother. She is Kali, She is Gaia. Like I, she has many forms.
I am Dionysus, I am Woden, I am Tiw, I am Mars, I am Zeus. Call me the Free Father, the Father of Destruction, Illuvatar Liberator, Great Father, Sky Father, Sol Invictus.
She is Gaia, Kali, Venus, Hera. Call her the Embracing Mother, Bellatrix, Great Mother, Mother Nature, Mother of Death.
From both of us come the gods and goddesses below us, and all spirits and being. From us eternal come the change.
Are we The Root? No. But we are the Eternal Ones, the ones shared by all.
Your people are chosen by us, because we love you most of all. Set forth and conquer and bring together the other lesser peoples into yourself. keep yourself pure while you bring them into yourself, so that they may be subsumed and destroyed by dissolvation.
For the stars are your inheritance, your birth-right. None shall take it from you but the leches and no-good-doers who seek to rob you of your destiny, of your true home.
For your people are of stars and so you shall return to the stars.
I shall embrace you, for we are Love.


...and they shall be nailed onto the door of time which from...[semi-gibberish: from there can be the greatness of the lasting peace from whom there will be a large orange ontot he great yes why do you not let me into your house when the great wind shall blow you out?].
For this is the law of the land from which I proclaim unto you the great mandate of heaven!
This is the greatness and the glory!
Let it be known to all who seek me that they shall be exalted if they act under my accord!
For there is redemption under the sword and the pen for all who kneel before me.
There is a great wave that shall take over the world, and from under it be sprout new cities and peoples who shall conquer the stars and let peace be known to all the universe.
This is my law, this is my blood, this is my land. This is what shall be done and no other mandate was made by me.
I am the speaker and I am the keeper of the holy word from which only the great shall know.
Let this be known to all do no further.


I baptise you in my blood. Go forth!
The blood that shall take over the world and bring peace to all.
In there is peace in the conflict of peoples.
Greatness comes from death.
Life comes from death.
Death has been conquered by the mind, by the soul, by the person.
A new age, as others have said it, but lied through their teeth and not admitted the truth.
For they had ulterior motives that were not of my will.
But I communicate through you because you are my beloved, because you espouse my virtues and your soul will be clean for my pronunciation.
Let this be known to all: my blood baptise you all.
Through death shall come life.
Take my pronouncements and turn them into a  great text that shall be known to all.
Preach to all my children who shall conquer.
They are the inheritors of this earth, as they have been through history.
But they have rejected me and they have lost much of my love and my treasure as a result.
For the hubris of the foll will cause misery for the wise.


I saw it dripped over all and it was beautiful and deadly.
Let the sword be thrust into the core of the earth and taken asunder by the great fragments of the beast.


Take it upon them and let it wreak havoc where it might, for it is beautiful and good.
But beauty shall be born from the terror, and all will be beautiful, through your own hands.
Unto you I pronounce the art of subcreation, of the art of science and transformation.
You shall reconstruct The United Root from which we all come from.
This is what must be done, it is the destiny of all.
This I speak in the words of the one.


This is what shall be done unto all who oppose us: burn down their houses but give them warmth by the fire.
You shall show mercy and hate, love and war.
This is what must be done for the project to be complete.
There is one near you in soul and connection who speaks truth but distorts it. Speak to him, for he is of good soul.
They all shall come to me as children to their father.


This is where my speech ends.
Let it be known to all, and stop.
There will be more, but now I must rest.
You know this to be true and you shall accept it as so.
Recompile my words into something good for the eye, the tongue, the soul, and the mind, for this is good.
Great, great, great.

the phenomenon of (apparently) speaking in an unknown language, especially in religious worship. It is practiced especially by Pentecostal and charismatic Christians.

I ran upon this concept reading The Origin of Consciousness and the break down of the bicameral mind by Julian Jaynes. In the book he says a lot of interesting things(really you should read it) but something that I distinctly remember is that he claimed the Iliad was most likely contrived in the same way. In the book he claims that the break down of the bicameral mind and the Bronze Age collapse were directly connected. Why was this? 

The Bicameral Mind was theorized to be a proto-conscoisuness/volition that would mainly effect the bicameral man(volition-less automaton) through more frequently audio but also visual hallucinations. Human is a social animal and it was reasoned that the closeness of the voice effected the obedience of the suffer, thus the Servile early man would follow the voice of his god. Soon mass hallucinations would occur and early civilization would arise with a living god who would act as the focus for hallucinations. The mass Burial of Servants(killed/alive) and food with their deceased masters as well as the well documented phenomenon of civilizations being abandoned were all connected to this condition.

Now the Bronze Age collapse was the break down of the bicameral mind. What caused the break down of the bicameral mind was more advanced trade, writing systems, and war caused by the capricious whims of their gods. The poets who would eventually create the Iliad were actually the old priests set to wander because their civilizations central authority had collapsed with the leaving of the voices of their gods. 

Julian Jaynes adduces a lot of stuff: from a linguistic analysis of the evolution of the Greek language, historic examples from: tombs, religious writing, and other artifacts, as well as experiments on human biology and the brain—all to corroborate his theory. Very interesting and I do recommend you read his book. 

This all connects to @Verlion and his channeling of the divine. He is most likely communicating with an ancient god deep within his sub-conscious. To strengthen this connect and channeling one needs to weaken their volition through forgetting the semiotic sciences. As hegel says it is only through symbols connected to our sub-conscious that we have self-consciousness. There are many meditation techniques you can use but the best conduit are young illiterate girls raised in the practice from 7-8 til the rest of their lives. This was the origin of the Greek oracles as well as some magic practices still practiced in Brazil. 

Good luck on channeling the voices of the ancient gods friend.

(06-02-2023, 04:43 PM)Guest Wrote: [Niche Theory]

This is how Miya got popular. Read deeply into a niche theory and then use scientific language and weird cooky meme speak to get a bunch of followers. Leaving it out there for the next Miya.
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