All fornicators are fags
(10-27-2022, 05:57 PM)Guest Wrote: Good post, OP. 

Billy, the pharisees' false piety stood in contrast to the spirit of Christ's commandments. He was very clear on the subject of fornication and adultery, so don't invoke his enemies if you have no piety of your own. If you aren't a Christian then pick a different reference.

Generally speaking, there is no conflict between traditional sexual mores and attacking feminism. I have seen this bizarre idea promoted around the sphere but it's a false dichotomy conjured out of thin air by the promiscuous right to excuse their/our own participation in sexual liberation while shirking the blame for it just like any woman.

Yeah, BAP and Heartiste and guys like that are never going to conquer degeneracy and impose their will on it. They don't even impose will over their own impulses. PUA/fuck prosties is an opportunistic coping strategy for enjoying female sexual liberation without challenging it on more than a rhetorical level. There's nothing vital about spewing into another dumb slut on birth control who would just abort your offspring anyway, and whatever thrill comes of that is a fleeting illusion. Sex only has vital merit when it produces heirs, at which point you're going to want to own their mother so they can be raised properly, and eventually you'll also need leverage to help them maximize their own reproductive potential unto the next generation. Fuck fast/die alone is a strategy for niggers and mice; if you recognize that you're part of a deeper bloodline which you have a duty to strengthen, then you'll want the sexual laws given by tradition for that very purpose.

Logically, the fact that women and minorities are broadly incapable of higher-level thought and tend to behave on a level barely above that of beasts when not controlled, entails that there's only one other place within which discipline can originate. Agency begins with internalization of responsibility and the willingness to bear the cost of fixing the problem, not for irredeemable fags and whores but at least for yourself and your own family. If you curse degeneracy yet continue whoremongering, who do you think is coming to rescue you from modernity?

They won't "conquer degeneracy and impose their will on it" because that's not how it works, and there is nothing to conquer. It's already over, no restoration is possible, all of this can be considered setting the hay and other harvest-remnants on fire on a field to clear it out and build something on top. This is called the "Irredeemability Doctrine"
(10-29-2022, 01:04 AM)calico Wrote:
(10-26-2022, 11:50 AM)AryanGenius1488 Wrote: Tinder is just straight Grinder. Again, at the point where you're having sex for "fun", with plastic on your dick, with no intention of ever seeing the other person again, do you think God cares at that point whether you're doing it with a man or a woman? No, you are spiritually a fag all the same. 

> Admits to using condoms
> Accuses others of faggotry

C'mon now, he clearly didn't admit to using a condom, he pointed out that there is not much separating the unnaturality of the use of a condom from the unnaturality of gay sex. No need to make him say what he didn't say to try and "expose" him as a loser.

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