Amarna Memes
I'd like to start a thread to use as a catalog of memes in the Amarnite style, memes that inspired Amarnite style, and memes inspired by the forum; as well as to facilitate discussion on their impact on online (and even offline) culture at large.

[Image: Fr-JVyj-BWYAQbmhs.jpg]

[Image: heilthatshitmisaka.gif]

Example of something that inspired a meme and its counterpart:

[Image: F73-Ym-POWYAA5-BVi.png]

[Image: 1708978083295.jpg]

Observe how the somewhat kitsch--but endearing--IronPill comic inspires a keyed and clearpilled gigachad response meme to kike-sandnigger warfare.

Also feel free to use this as a bidenrapegroyper archive of sorts as well, the greatest editor of our time must be celebrated.[img] [/img][size=2][img] [/img][/size]
[Image: cca7bac0c3817004e84eace282cc7a3d.jpg]

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