Amarnite Cosa Nostra
'To be effective in this world you must be very well-acquainted with the underworld, with criminal life, with junkies, dealers, prostitutes, gamblers, with the perviest of pervs. And this is what I mean by the great down-going. To gain a true hold on the foundations of this trash-world, a certain group among the right will have to descend in this inferno. I am firmly convinced that this is the key to overturning everything that is corrupt, and the path to the great purgation. I imagine a network of brothels and gambling-houses around the world, production of porn videos, and a complete penetration of the world of vice. Yes, to ensnare, to compromise, to corrupt, and above all to observe and to know their secrets. To descend into a floating world of complete vice, and even to engage in it—as you must if you are to thrive in this world—while keeping your head and keeping in focus the fire of your aim…isn’t this a great and very difficult achievement? This path must be only for very few, very few are suited to it. But these few are to be among the greatest of the coming generation. This brotherhood will work instead to intensify vice, to stir up demonic passions, to sow total confusion in the heart of the beast. The increase of chaos, confusion and pressure on the Leviathan will lay it low: imagine even a world where the people, under relentless assault of contradictory and wild claims, would lose all faith in the media and government and doctors and believe nothing they hear through official channels anymore. This would be an order of knights of the spirit such as exists at most every thousand years. Slowly, maybe over two generations, they will work patiently, exploring and laying claims to all the sewers of the underworld, all the effluences of the Leviathan, all the joints of the lower skeleton that undergirds this world. They will take over night clubs, bars, brothels, hotels, casinos, pornography, and much worse, and rather than live to insulate themselves from the vice promoted by this world, they will intensify it and learn to wield it as a great weapon. It is the greatest weapon in our age. Know that the Leviathan sustains itself not by the promotion of vice, but by its normalization. But in every normalization, a great deal must be edited out; this is its great weakness. This order of knights will keep vice true to itself.'

- Bronze Age Mindset

Forgive the long quote, but it's worth reading through. Much has been said about infiltratration of local politics but BAP's passage here of infiltrating the underworld has stuck with me. Here we may discuss the utility of such, could it really be used to advance our interests? How might we go about doing so? Who wishes to be my brother-in-vice?
Im glad you brought this up because it not often discussed on twatter, although I remember a tweet from a frog that wrote something like "If ancient greeks where alive today, they would form mafias, they would get into drug traffiking" and so on...

And, in one of his recent episodes (EP113 I think) he mentioned how, even if you control the official institutions, like universities, its not enough, you need to go deeper. He says in the episode "we all went to Young Pioneers and listened to our teachers but after that, if they saw you with the uniform, they would beat you up because only the kissases would have any respect for the officials" ... Something like that.
I plan to descend after a “field trip” in japan. A friend ours has given me some information and is open to help however he can in dms in exchange for notes. Should I share some ideas and lessons in a thred?
Andrew Tate?
(10-29-2022, 05:48 PM)Verl Wrote: Andrew Tate?

If he weren't brown he could do a lot. But he is brown, so his aspirations are the same as those of the 12 year old third worlders watching him.
While it is true every insurgent movement has played some role in illegal trades be it smuggling or the drug trade at large I believe it is clear we are not getting close to having a insurgent movement any time soon baring some truly unforeseeable events. I believe at this present historical moment organized crime has severely waned in terms of real positive political power. Organized crime has also never been the side of the "based"(Just look at who the Mafia worked for in WWII) and cannot be every single crime group with a code of ethics ditched it eventually in favor of glutting itself on on selling of poisons and murdering anyone who muscles in on their trade from kids to clergy to any reform minded statesmen.

At best pointing to historical crime groups they have been rent seekers on the backs of politicians who wish for bribes at worse for the political side active liabilities. Meanwhile the ability to resist the modern state has wanted and baring the case of third world mudsills that were never modern in the first place from the FBI breaking the back of the big families in America to Japans annihilation of Yakuza influence and even Italy with all its dysfunction as a part of this law enforcement wave sent in the army in the 90s to severely cut the amount of mob influence and restore state control and now to this day soldiers stand guard in every Italian city.

Which brings me to my last point seeing the extensive wins won by those who campaigned against organized crime and seeing situations such as current year South Africa where Boers do not go into crime but organizing their own security to maintain what areas they have its clear to me instead of attempting to join in a field dominated by illegals and the scum of the earth writ large people should organize community protection and anti crime organizations.

It only takes a few scrolls through newspaper archives and the 100s really 1000s of stories of muggings gone wrong rapes robbery drive bys to conclude despite what I said above the orientation of most countries should be considered de facto pro criminal most get off with a few years a decade and then go right back to being leeches on wider society. There was a brief window with broken windows policing of cities where the actual citizens could enjoy them but that was reversed with the Second Civil Wrongs movement BLM now mask off about the real aim of such movements negro felons being allowed to do anything. Opposition to this however is ever growing and seems to me a worthwhile battle to fight compared to getting in on the field where competition is usually told once to pay the current big wig before someone is sent to harm the new guy in a permanent or lethal manner.
[Image: 3RVIe13.gif]

“Power changes its appearance but not its reality.”― Bertrand De Jouvenel
I have thought a lot about this, as I’m sure you all have. With the uptick in crime people will feel defenseless. The mafia was there to protect people the cops wouldn’t I.e. off white europoors in the ghetto. As crime rates shoot up in high population areas it will open up spots for security personnel to take control. This can look two ways. First is straight up mafia. Control the whole neighborhood and revive tribute (you know the model). The other way is uniformed guard with AR at gas station. The middle way is Kyle rittenhouse. There are pros and cons to all of them. The most important part is “healthy” relationship with local law enforcement.
I didn't read the quote but just emulate the Ashkenazim in taking over sin industries instead of being a respectable WASP.
But ultimately, be wary of that sort of language because it just gets used to propagate impurity for absolutely no one's good. Fearlessness is good, but smearing shit on the wall and on your face as a form of transvaluation of ideals isn't.
The word for cynically leveraging degeneracy into power is "leftism". If you want to promote prostitution, porn, and drug addiction then you may as well consider becoming a progressive and doing it through official channels first. The underworld of vice and sin holds prizes for men with nerves of bronze, but none of them have anything to do with right-wing (anabolic) cultural objectives.
Al Capone had an IQ of 95. This website shows his 1932 psychometric evaluation:
i don't see why we should compromise ourselves by adopting the forms of subversion and degeneration. how about an amarnite chivalric order instead?
The only direct good that a gang can do is appropriate market share from bad demographics to good demographics. As such, white gangs such as exist in America are good, if we make the obvious assumption that the government is incapable of destroying the entire market.

An Amarnite could form or aid such a gang, if he wanted to. Since most gangs (especially white gangs) are staffed by low IQ degenerate drug addicts, his gang would greatly surpass others if he had any say in it.

This is as far as it goes, though. NuclearAbsolutist is right - gangs invariably cast aside their ideals to pursue money. All it takes is one guy to suggest X amount of money will be made if we cast aside our ideals - few will be able to resist the temptation of X amount of money. These things have a tendency to take on a life of their own. Hence, an Amarnite cannot expect to create a quasi-political gang that will patronize conservative causes, foment a revolution, or whatever. The only good he can do by participating in a gang is to directly appropriate market share.

If this meets with his approbation, I would suggest that motorcycle clubs are by far the best. They have the least degenerate members, and they often have more of an ethos behind them, as they are not formed explicitly to engage in criminal activity, but primarily to serve as a koryos. You are free to leave them when you want to. MC members get caught less often due to their mobility and lack of degeneracy, and sometimes they can finance the legal resources to get off if they do get caught. The only trouble with MCs is that they usually end up abetting, in one way or another, gangs of the wrong demographic. Such is the nature of their activities - they are more "vertical" in the crime economy than "horizontal", hence they are more remote from the criminal race war. They compete primarily with other MCs, almost all of which are white.

I would suggest staying out of all this. I would further suggest that it is possible to engage in koryos-activity that is positively good, politically motivated, or that aids law enforcement in crushing degenerate classes.

As for "intensifying vice", this is not a good idea. Accelerationist arguments like this always rely on a great number of tenuous assumptions about how things will play out. Not enough evidence at all to justify literally doing the wrong thing.

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