Amarnite Koryos (Or, Modern Koryos)
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This idea is inspired by the post "Amarnite cosa nostra". I apply it to Amarnites, but really it applies to any similar group. In general, the idea may be called "Modern Koryos". 

Amarna is a tribe - a group of people with common qualities. It consists of sub-tribes with even more common qualities, especially between Amarnites who are from the same ethnicity and locality.

As "blood is thicker than water", a tribe is willing to band together to profit off of other dissimilar tribes, especially if the tribe naturally possesses a "tribal ethos", which Amarnites do. This ethos is natural of "elite" groups that do not have things in common with normies.

A criminal "Amarnite cosa nostra" would be a very bad expression of tribalism, which would inevitably end in criminal conviction or death, and would probably involve abetting degeneracy. A political "Amarnite party" would be a very bad expression of tribalism, which would inevitably end in public disgrace and poverty.

There are legal and apolitical ways for a tribe to patronize its people, though. Countless profitable "schemes" that require close and often secretive ingroup cooperation.


-Forming a false company, with each tribesman as a member, that serves to attest to the false prior job experience of a tribesman to enhance his career.

-Vaguely pretending to be, though not actually being, a "gang", for the purpose of allegedly influencing a certain person to be afraid of a certain tribesman.

-Working together within a company, and using undeclared common ties to discredit certain employees, for the purpose of advancing members of the tribe within the company hierarchy.

-Forming any organization that charges membership fees, and which is more likely to receive new members if it already has existing members. 

In addition to acting as a brotherhood, and facilitating non-nefarious cooperative endeavors which are not novel yet often important and highly beneficial.

Tribal Law

The group must be "legally and politically unimpeachable", to the extent that, even if a Fed or someone were to infiltrate the organization, his presence would not be problematic except insofar as he may not be of the correct ilk. It does not so much as "dog whistle" anything. Any political or whatever unacceptable discussion occurs anonymously, unless there is great trust.

Members must be mindful of ensuring a homogeneous tribal ilk. This doesn't need to be codified - just have a strong disdain for an associate or wannabe member that is not "one of us". The Templist Clan protocols located in the post Tribal Legitimacy may be used, but need not be that stringent.

It is important that the group keep the tribal morality that is natural to it. It is probable that some proposed tribal activities may conflict with this morality, yet often the morality cannot be invoked because of the first rule. This issue can be solved by arguing against the proposed activity in an elliptical way, or by flat out saying "this is bad, does not elaborate", or discussing the abstract moral issue anonymously in another way without referencing the organization or the proposed activity.

Beyond this it is not a good idea to set forth codified laws in advance. Use organic power dynamics.

Koryos Formation

It would, of course, be retarded for some guy on the Amarna forum to declare such a group, as then it would clearly be tied to the forum.

Such a group would be formed, first, by someone, for some reason, inviting others to a private and anonymous medium somewhere.

Within that medium apolitical discussion occurs for a while. Eventually, one or multiple people share an interesting company or organization, from LinkedIn or something, that is based online or in some certain locality. It is either open to applicants, or it is proposed to specific users.

Meetings are uneventful at first and purely for the sake of familiarization. Online identities are either unsaid or dog whistled via images and clothing. Those who are tribally different are run off or asked to leave, and such a group of outcasts, if large enough, may form its own koryos.


One must be honest about "where this is going", realistically. A political or social movement, though desirable, is rather unfeasible. Even to the extent that it were feasible, it would spring from something like this - an elite group that has acquired some power - rather than as a political movement from the outset.
Good proposal, the crux lies in the formation however - the "tribe" has some cohesion in terms of values because our small group size, but offline this means we are dispersed over the globe. If I am in, say, Malta and you are in Germany, which form of organisation that is NOT basically an internet forum (which we already have) would be useful to us both?
even though this is more or less what i've been saying lately, i dislike viewing this sort of thing as an "effective tool for gaining power." that type of thinking is not what animated the historical koryos, and it does not suffice to reproduce its spirit. it must be done out of a genuine desire to live a certain way, out of fidelity to an ideal, and with no regard paid to prospects of success or failure.

Quote:We conceive youth not as a matter of age or a biological fact, but essentially as a spiritual attitude, as a tone and style of life. It is defined by the enthusiasm and generosity of those who follow an ideal simply out of love for this ideal; by a yearning for the unconditional, which is inseparable from any idealism; by a taste for action; by an impulse towards renovation, towards marching forward; by contempt for easy living.

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