America and Costumes
American culture seems to be deeply tied to costumes and masks. Some examples of this being, The Legend of Sleepy Hallow with the headless horseman who is insinuated to be Ichabod’s love rival. Zorro, the Lone Ranger. The KKK who would dress like ghosts and ghouls. Scooby Doo Villains. The whole superhero genre. The American tradition of Halloween. The Boston Tea party participants who Disguised themselves as savages.

I wanted to discuss more on this phenomenon and why it occurs, it’s causes. I don’t have much thoughts now but thought to get the question out there as to stimulate some minds.
To more define Americas costume culture it has to be contrasted with tribal mask wearing and cosplay. Tribal mask wearing and cosplay are about a Becoming of a certain cultural or religious character out of some kind of reverence or respect. America’s costume culture is centered around expedient, Boston Tea Party and KKK are for political expedient, Sleepy Hallow’s headless horseman and Scooby Doo Villains are about expedient in personal gain, Zorro/Lone Ranger and Superhero’s are about expedient towards a personal view of justice and righteousness. Even Halloween that borders on the side of cosplay is still really about personal expedient, kids dress up in costumes to get candy and not because it’s some tradition necessarily.

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