Ancient Civilisation-seeding Männerbund
I have recently had a vision about pre-historic events that I would like to share. As you may be aware, there is a discussion going on about the evidence of early civilisations. I would define these as civilisations that arose before 6000 BC for the purposes of the thread here. An uncontroversial example would be Göbekli Tepe, an immense structure of uncertain function which is dated to 10'000 years BC. Unfortunately, the site is located in Turkey, which means it will most likely never be excavated & neglected or destroyed.
A bit more controversial are claims that signs of water erosion on the body of the sphinx and the surrounding temple date the creation of the sphinx to a point before heavy rains stopped falling in Egypt (~8000 BC). Other, similar discussion are going on about the arrival of humans in the Americas, the lost city of Atlantis, Piri Reis' map, coca leaves in ancient Egypt etc. Hard evidence for most of the more controversial ideas in this field is scarce, and justifications for why it is scarce are plenty. 

My vision was that, instead of one or more civilisations in our modern understanding (that is, societies that build cities), there were hyper-mobile groups of men who served as a connection between peoples by means of trade and cultural exchange. Simply speaking, I think that there was a MGTOW-moment at the end of the last ice age. Men who realised that, instead of roaming the same hunting grounds for all of their lives, they could just walk towards the horizon forever if they leave women and children behind. If such groups recruited new members from the cultures they contacted, they could exist for generations. As they accumulated knowledge from many different peoples, they would have been the breeding ground for technological innovations, like systematic gaslighting of natives by pretending to be gods. When we see evidence of early civilisation in places where we have no explanation for its occurence, I propose that a Männerbund brought ideas and techniques which they traded for lolis, food and drugs. Especially the last part, in connection with the above mentioned Coca leaves in the Egyptian burial site, makes sense to me: If you wanted to bring impressive valuables to hunter-gatherers, but not carry a lot of weight, dried psychoactive plants and mushrooms must be a priority. Imagine offering a druid the power to induce hallucinations in his subjects. 

Please extrapolate your onions.
Early man was most definitely a Nomad and if a Large Subset of Males from a Tribe Left how would the Remaining Tribe Members Cope with this after the “MGTOW-moment”?

A Minority of men would be left with a Majority of Woman. I think this would precipitate a sedentary lifestyle around rivers for fishing. West Coast Native American Tribes were able to Achieve a Sedentary Life style without the invention of Agriculture, sustaining themselves on seafood and acorns. I think this new society would also be Patriarchal. 

So these new Sedentary Tribes that start around Rivers, now what. Through their Sedentary nature they learn a lot about natural plants and Develop Agriculture through Mistake or intent. These Sedentary people around Rivers with Agriculture then Develop the River Valley Civilization.

Edit: Thanks for pointing out my Catachresis @Hamamelis
I don't think it would have been a large subset at all, rather the opposite. And I assume you mean sedentary - as far as this pertains to my idea, I want to point out that sedentism without agriculture is basically only a benefit because it accomodates birth and child rearing. That is exactly why I propose that some men saw the potential to carve out a nomadic bachelor lifestyle, if you will.

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