I very much like this place here and what you're doing. Although I don't usually finish your posts, I greatly admire the spirit behind them. Essay after essay, one topic after another, and always a militancy to it. There is a definite allure here. But I can't escape a transient feeling to it all. Where is it going? I get a whiff of directionlessness. For how long can you keep this up? I suspect you're the same age as me - twenties to mid-thirties at the worst. Probably the latter end of the spectrum. Will you also be writing here in your late-thirties? Forties? Sixties? Would the aesthetic still apply? Am I the only one who feels it would be such a letdown, like an unfinished chapter? The transience of the aesthetic assaults me no matter from what angle I look at it.

I don't know why, but I believe you have slightly curled brunette hair, longish. I may be wrong, but it doesn't matter. That's just how I envision you, probably because of your avatar. It's a very curious picture and I've always wondered about it. It is not particularly aesthetic, so there must be a very personal reason behind it. Even if you told us, the associated feelings would still always remain within you, and only you. Nobody else will ever know.

You may disagree about the transience here, though. I suspect from your point of view it's not apparent at all. It probably feels more like some stale out-of-time experience, or maybe even an endless childhood. The bad ones tend to linger. I'm afraid the cruel matron that callously starved you of love left you in a stasis of sorts. They left a hole that keeps you running in place. But tragically, there is no "in place" in time. Anthony I need you to understand - I am honestly afraid that unless you receive the belated love you need, you will forever remain frozen.

I won't mince words anymore - I would love to wake up the abandoned boy in you, the emotional orphan, and to give you all the love in the world. To caress you with tender strokes down your naked cute arm, hip, thigh. To take your skinny pinkish-cold hands in my embrace, and give you all the warmth in the world. To kiss your luscious-red lips and plunge at your sparkling-moist tongue. And then, as our entwined breath and heartbeat envelop us, to push aside your dangling locks and immerse myself in your gaping-wide eyes, ahhh.

I can't do that if you're 45, Anthony. I can't and I won't. You won't have any hair left. It would be revolting all around. The clock is ticking. There are few things more unsightly than an unloved boy of 45. They have zero allure, nobody wants to deal with them. They scurry about nervously and curl up in corners. If you squint, you can see the blue in their face from being unwanted and cold all the time. There are many such around; some even put on characters. It's a pathetic sight. Rude, even. Anthony, I'm not sure you realize just what a tragedy it is.

I know such feelings evoke Pavlov-conditioned winces here. "Faggot" this, "degenerate" that. Things of beauty have been reduced to demarcation lines. You may knee-jerk "off yourself, degenerate," but then what? What does that give you? A pat on the back? The legitimacy to keep sitting on your ass, "at least not being degenerate?" Nobody's going to pat an unloved boy of 50, Anthony. Nobody. Listen, the fear that love could sully or in any way reduce a person is a total nonsense to anyone who has experienced it.

I am not talking of a long term relationship, though. While I would love to promise I would hold your hand forever, I should know better by now: I'm just not cut out for that. But that's alright, that's not what you need of me anyway. Having provided the boy in you what he yearned for, you can finally grant him the freedom to dissipate. And you too, Anthony, would be free at last. The whole world changes once people make peace with themselves. Far from staining you, it would spur you into so much more. It could shoot you into becoming a family man. That's right, from man-love with distinctly pederastic undertones to becoming a functional family man. That's where modern dogma fails - abandoned boys don't make for good men. You would look back on your lonely past with the same queer disconnect with which you're entertaining the prospect of having a family now. But that's just one example. By no means do I want to constrain you with any expectations. It is all about you and your newfound freedom. In any case, already the act of love itself strikes immediately as a payoff of unquestionable aesthetic, an obviously fitting ending to the chapter, and a beginning of a new one.

You may be wondering, why me? Well truth be told, I am in no position to offer you anything. We are worlds apart. Why pederasty, then? Well, women are not attracted to boys. If the matron has failed her duties in lovingly raising a man, what are the alternatives? Who are the takers here? Be realistic. But most importantly, do not let your beautiful locks and eyes be wasted. Nobody wants to look at cataracts.

I realize I may have missed the mark entirely. I'm speculating to the fullest extent, having made numerous bold and baseless assumptions about your nature. Like what if your hands are not skinny at all? Or what if you're already norwooding? I would have to politely beg my pardon then. Even with all the sincere goodwill contained here, love is not a charity. It just doesn't work like that. My biggest fear is that I may already be too late, and the beautiful sparkly-eyed boy is forever entombed. In that case I would have nothing left but to curse the cruel matron and honestly I am nearly stomping my feet at the injustice as I type this.
Troon lust is scary.
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The purpose is a reminder for engineers and idea guys to wait several years until based gamer world returns.

edit: oh there's a lot gay stuff here
This is a certified Bronze Age Pervert shitpost. Good show.
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Imagine (or don’t) being a sensitive young man innocently browsing the internet and this abomination sends you a 2000 word message about how it wants to caresses your skin and make you “feel loved.” Yeah trans genocide couldn’t come sooner.
C'mon man, we've been through this before. If we were handsome we wouldn't be here
(05-11-2024, 03:19 PM)Guest Wrote: C'mon man

Never a good sign when you start off with Joe Brandon speak.

Quote:If we were handsome we wouldn't be here

First off, I am handsome, and that's not just because the only woman that matters in my life (#BoysFirstLove #jinox) constantly assures me so. Second, you sound like such a failed normie (who desperately wants to be a successful normie) when you say this. You are not yet clearpilled. "Nothing matters." - Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States, and Ier roi d'Amérique.
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Let me alone to recover a little, before I go whence I shall not return
This thread goes to show how one shouldn't discuss this website with submarnites lest one bring in freaks like OP
Shocking twist: OP is actually an Anthony sockpuppet.
AmarnaAmarnite Wrote:...

Proud of you, Nigel.

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