Apollonian Regime
This seems like a very cool site; similar to something I would create if I put the effort in. A mix of self-help and intellectual stuff. Fitness, STEM, eugenics, etc. Wignatty name but smart.


Here you can simulate different methods of eugenics and mating. I do not understand how it works at all so I can't endorse it yet but I am intrigued. I found this site from Amarnites on twitter discussing Jimmating vs Mikkamating.

Some other articles:

MMA Explained: https://apollonianregime.com/mma-explained/

My True Story of Danger & Revolution: https://apollonianregime.com/my-true-sto...evolution/

The Science of Admixture: https://apollonianregime.com/the-science-of-admixture/

Dutton is Right About Mutantism: https://apollonianregime.com/dutton-is-r...mutantism/

What Dutton Gets Wrong About Religiosity: https://apollonianregime.com/what-dutton...ligiosity/

Please dig in and discuss.
This guy writes like he's fantasising about being on a podcast.

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