Bavarian Ephebo Brides

Western Europe is going to run out of fuel this winter due to these strange "green" and "woke" fellows. You will be able to get a high quality German, or possibly even French maiden for the cost of a warm meal and safe place to sleep in. Imagine a "mail in bride" but of higher genetic quality and even more desperate. The question is how to retrieve her moreso than the cost. Possibly you will have to charter a boat and do an overland trek with guns and survival gear. There might be companies of mercantile eunuchs whose job it is to retrieve these virginal waifs by various means and send them to you by airplane a la Amazon Prime Two-Day Shipping.
You would have to golemize yourself to enter Europe, as would she to enter almost anywhere else (though she probably already did). I recommend you reach an agreement with a ship captain each way to bring you to a port. You will have to trek your way from there to the most fertile breeding ground according to your taste. Since you are undocumented and with superior organic sperm energized by the rage of Adolf Hitler, you may also choose to play a promiscuous strategy within Europe instead of or in addition to taking your bride.
It's said that Germany has to choose between 'the West and de-industrialization' or 'leaving NATO and keeping the lights on', is this wrong, if so, why?
'leaving NATO and keeping the lights on' doesn't strike me as a more plausible development than curbing NGO influence enough to shift towards nuclear energy. Of course, 'the West and de-industrialization' remains the likeliest option by far.

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(08-22-2022, 03:59 AM)Guest Wrote: It's said that Germany has to choose between 'the West and de-industrialization' or 'leaving NATO and keeping the lights on', is this wrong, if so, why?

It appears like this is absolutely the case, except it seems apparent (to me) that Germany has already made their decision! Despite the current energy crisis, it seems like Germany is sticking with its plans to stop using nuclear energyy entirely, despite keeping two plants on a sort of reserve/stand-by status. Russia is continuing to strangle Europe with high gas prices, with even bigger cuts now. German utilities companies are under more pressure than ever and German firms are halting production as a result of energy costs becoming too high. And this is all with winter looming a few months away, with no end to the conflict in Ukraine on the horizon. And what is the response from the German Government? A double-down on their disastrous foreign policy decisions. To be clear I don't care much about the fighting going on either way, but they entered a trade conflict they simply can't win; they need cheap energy more than Russia needs anything from them. Germany is not going to leave NATO; they are going to continue to shut down nuclear power plants and coal mines, and the German citizens are going to be paying the price (literally) for being a NATO puppet. 

One can only hope that this sort of disaster will awaken German citizens from their libtarded slumber, but the government they just elected is more left-wing than ever as I understand it. Could this really be enough for a hard swing in the other direction? Again, I hope so, but all evidence from the past decade or two points in the direction of them becoming even more progressive. AfD seems to lack a charismatic candidate that could grow the party into something that might hold legislative power after the next election. I'd be happy to be proved wrong with articles about the rise of far-right zoomers in Germany making propaganda videos on tiktok or something.
(08-22-2022, 03:59 AM)Guest Wrote: It's said that Germany has to choose between 'the West and de-industrialization' or 'leaving NATO and keeping the lights on', is this wrong, if so, why?
Adding a little on to my last response. New poll was released showing the support for Ukraine by party in Germany, and every single party supports continuing the current foreign policy plan besides Alternative für Deutschland, one of the smaller parties in the opposition groups, and largely a pariah as far as mainstream German politics goes. Every party composing the current government (Greens, SPD, FDP) has over 70% support for continued funding of Ukraine, and the largest 'opposition' party massively supports these policies as well. The German people have been successfully convinced into backing Ukraine despite whatever economic woes may come, and there seems to be almost no real voice against these initiatives. Even in news articles discussing the economic hardships on the way, there's almost no criticism of the Government's foreign policy to be found.

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