Biology, Evolution, and Hierarchies
It's been more than a century and a half since Darwin published The Origin of Species and since then there's been much advancement in study of Biology. The problem lies in that Biology--I mean the study of life--is still not so much more than "catalogues of monkeys" as Schopenhauer put it. Even with discovery of DNA, the study of Life has not truly advanced the general understanding of the primordial nature of the Universe. I believe that to achieve this advancement, biology must be rooted in understanding of hierarchies--as hierarchies are a fundamental aspect of Nature--and that through this understanding, we may achieve some knowledge about what lies beneath the Laws described by Newton, Maxwell, and the like.

The universe is built upon hierarchies--hierarchies of size, complexity, etc. We all know that within Life on Earth there are hierarchies, and hierarchies even within species. Niggers and Euros are different species, and would be classified as such if The Science^TM were at all honest (I will refer to different races in this thread as different species as I see fit). Within the Primata there are these inter-speciae hierarchies, and there are the intra-species hierarchies, and I would like to talk about Man, his different types, speciae, etc., what means consciousness, and what are the characteristics of the highest types? And what differentiates Man from the rest of Animalia?

To begin, let us talk about the lowest type of Man. This type is characterized by only a slight level of self-awareness. Everything for them always comes back to the group--even among "the talented 10". Any one of these high-brow niggers you see, those who have a decent verbal capability and a modicum of actual intelligence, something approximating the average Euro; even still is differentiated from the Euro in terms of his consciousness and perception of the world. (I should interject that when I talk about "Niggers" I am not just talking about the Bantoid, I am talking more generally about any one of the dark-skinned races.) Perception of da muhfuggin white mang took our muhfuggin' land n' sheeit is the rule for any of these races, and its expression only differs from race to race due to circumstance. Any deviation from this rule is met with immense mockery and derision from the group (how is Clarence Thomas seen by the American Bantu?). 

This expression of consciousness is in-between the higher speciae of Man and the lower Primata:  The lower has no self-awareness, no perception of "I am me" or "I exist as myself", whereas for the highest types of Man, the perception of "I am me", "I exist as myself" is an absolute rule, with no care for what the group thinks (this absolute rule of the Individual only expresses itself in certain individuals and not in entire tribes, if it did express itself in the latter, this phenomenon may be quite different). The variance in this--both between different speciae of Man and within a single species of Man--is the truest way to understand what, and Who, is the higher type, and even the highest type. 

Please come at this discussion from any angle you see fit--evolutionary, psychologically, sociologically, historically, etc--as this is a work in progress for me. I don't know how to continue this beyond the mere observations that I've described above, and I seek some knowledge from the Wrahmarna Talmudic Hive Mind.
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