Whats the deal with this generation? They experienced an insane amount of wealth after world powers leveled themselves after 2 world wars and just wasted it. 

Boomers seem to have utter contempt for youth, witnessed too many people that were shoved through the STEM meatgrinder by their parents to come out looking wrecked via stress hormones who didn't get the same outcome as their parents did. "He should have worked harder in school and got better grades.." . Men are raised to be workhorses and the daughters are molded into girlbosses with freshly supplied SUVs.

Boomer contempt for youth manifests in a "midlife crisis" , a first of its kind. The basis of someone else having something they don't have (better house, better car) just causes their brain to short circuit and they cannot deal with it. 

A generation that got everything handed to them so they assume if you didn't 'make it' you are simply a bad/wrong person. Boomers just sat on 3rdbase, walked home and thought they hit a home run and feel the need to tell everybody about it. 

They cannot be reasoned with, hold an overwhelming amount of land and wealth they're not planning on ever letting go. How will they be dealt with? What will time make of this generation and why did they turn out this way? Nobody likes them coming from both left and right.  

Obfuscating my past a bit but I've dealt with these people in my past employment and they're essentially just big children who honestly don't know shit about anything and believe everything on TV.
Can't help but think a lot of the animus towards boomers as a generation is undeserved - the negative traits they generally possess are just normie traits responding to a certain set of conditions. Gen X normies and millenial normies are just as dull, emotional, lacking in self-awareness, beholden to (perceived) popular/authority-derived opinion, indifferent to the fate of non-normies, etc. Normies are basically subhuman in every generational cohort, and there are non-normies in every such cohort (e.g. James Mason is well within the age range to be classed as a boomer).

As a side note - in the Anglosphere, boomers are probably the least libtarded political cohort that isn't largely in nursing homes.
@Massacre Maybe you’re right, but a data point to contradict you is that conservative/Republican boomers are overwhelmingly vaccinated and I have seen them push it on their kids pretty hard. I think there was a study that said right wing boomers were more likely to get it than left wing zoomers. This is probably just black people not getting it on the zoomer side, but it shows how cucked and unprincipled boomers are. They are extremely narcissistic and suggestible by doctors, television, etc. Also compare a right wing zoomer to a right wing boomer. The zoomer is going to be pretty cool most of the time I believe whereas the boomer will almost always be an insufferable loud mouthed narcissist who won’t let you get a word in. Perhaps this is just down to “old people corrupt”, but I would like to give young people the benefit of the doubt and I think zoomers have the potential to not repeat the mistakes of previous generations because we do have some unique advantages like 1. having the Internet > TV 2. not blindly respecting the elders.

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