Caesearianism, Temperament, Metaphysical Power and Hopelessness
One thing I've noticed about the disident right is that theres a huge swathe of people who seem to have a sort of revulsion to what I like to call "assuming the role".  The very idea of getting your hands dirty, risking your soul(or your temporal standing) in the political realm and not just being a pundit and doing it well. Previous variations of the online illiberal right tried this in the late 2010s and failed miserably. The political realities of a divided government were sort of cosmically damaging to alot of people in the wake of Trump's victory and prompted many people to make really poorly advised and imprudent political projects from 2017 to 2020. Here are some examples:

-Faith Goldy running in the 2018 Toronto Mayoral Election and losing badly and later getting audited for campaign finance violations this year
-Patrick Little Running for California's Senate Seat in 2018 and getting 1% of the vote, which many alt right figures claimed was a sign that there was a major constiuency for WN in America
-The National Justice Party
-Paul Nehlen running for a red house district in the extremely white upper middle class and Republican friendly WOW Counties , posting an image of him reading Culture of Critique, being condemned by his former supporters and then getting involved in doxxing and spats on Twitter
By far the biggest defeat happened in the 2018 Virginia Senate Race, which early on was considered a potential flip, alongside nearly a dozen over red states and swing states that had Democratic senators that were up for re-election. Corey Stewart, who before was a respectable and politically strong incumbent local politician in a very blue affluent county in NOVA(Prince William), lost by a landslide 16 point margni against an electoral underperformer, losing counties Trump won by 9 in 2016 such as the affluent Stafford County by 10+ points. He wasn't even part of the alt right, politically he was the closest thing to an r/thedonald moderator you could get and degraded himself by engaging in sensationalism on Twitter to appease people online.
[Image: image.png?ex=6574d8e0&is=656263e0&hm=f64...height=746]
With these results, the fallout from the Charlottesville rally in 2017 and most importantly the censorship wave that took almost all of the large alt right media personalities off of social media, the idea of people with our beliefs running a political campaign, let alone having power seemed unthinkable and created the wary, doomerish, discourse-oriented as opposed to action-oriented, "dissident right" as we know it today.

As someone who happens to be a Christian, I thought the increasing popularity of Nietszsche would actually be a pretty useful thing for the dissident right. Not because I agree with him on that many axioms but the idea of a driven, politically subversive, ambitious cabal of politicians, businessmen and leaders, except this time with far more experience and apt political instincts, who desired, through power and passion, to will the change they want in the world into being, sounded like a breath of fresh air. Overthrowing the regime would be something future artists through patrronage networks could make a keyed television series on, starting with the as of now unknown individual's early rise through politics and the various challenges that they would face to enact such a goal.

But it never materialized, at least not as far as I know. Instead, there has been an aura of Fatalism and what I like to call "Caesearianism"

Examples of Caesarianism
 that I could find on my feed in the last month:

[Image: image.png?ex=6574dae2&is=656265e2&hm=fc6...height=304]
[Image: image.png?ex=6574db70&is=65626670&hm=78c...height=746]
[Image: image.png?ex=6574dbe2&is=656266e2&hm=a16...height=617]
[Image: image.png?ex=6574dc61&is=65626761&hm=9e5...height=746]

But far the most egegious thing I have seen is the seemingly gradual transformation of the implications of Caesar. No longer just a very talented and charismatic populist politican with a keen awareness of political institutions, loopholes in Roman Law and military tactics, over time he's seemingly transformed into a standin for Messiah, Savior. The Jesus Christ of the Temporal Realm of Modernity. The worst type of post I've seem is things along the line of 
"We won't get a Caesar, we will get a Insert Political Figure from Antiquity here Ad Nasuem" or the idea that the person of the caliber needed to turn around the situation in western countries is someone who is infinitely rare, does not align with, have a background in or know the dissident right, probably lives on the frontier of America, possibly foreign born and and only appears once every era, trust me guys.

Which is patently absurd. If you're charismatic, tall, white, have an IQ of 130 or above, are into politics and align with illiberal right wing ideals and have major ambitions but also good political instincts, you are VERY RARE but nowhere close to a miraculous metaphysically superior race of being that the rhetorical weighting people ascribe to a "Caesar" woudl suggest. I could gauge that theres probably 50-300 people in the world who have those qualities at minimum and possibly far more. You don't even need someone as qualified as Julius Caesar or even Pompey to solve contemporary western problems. In my next thread, I will talk about the potential happenings in a Second Term of Trump from 2025 to 2029 and news report have suggested that he would probably be the most influential American President since FDR but in our direction as opposed to GNC postwar social liberalism. 

Back to the topic at hand, I'd like to tell you that theres a very high chance that by virtue of reading this on amarna you are an intelligent and throughful person, who may have the aptitude to fulfill very ambitious feats and win whatever temporal goal you set yourself out to accomplish. You could lose but the types of people I think are needed shouldn't be phased by the possibility of failure.
You don't need a Caesar to fix the issues of modernity, you can make do with literally anyone in the Medici Family, Girolamo Savonarola, most skilled Renaissance era politicians, most skilled Roman Repubilcan Politicians in the historical record, the German Burghers, DONALD TRUMP, Antonio Salazar and more. 

That is all for now.
Good post. I fell into the error of Caesarianismposting after getting into Spengler's writings last year, but matured out of it as I actually read more of Spengler and assimilated his Good Ideas into my mental framework. But by and large, I think that the Caesar thing (or at the very least, the usage of the name "Caesar") is influenced by a Wikipedia synopsis-level understanding of Spengler.

I myself remember one such "Caesarianist" tweet from a year ago or so, from some goober idiot with an Andrew Jackson avatar, who was saying that "The American Caesar will be... Gavin Newsom!" Much to discuss in this saying, which I will do in brief:

[li]It demonstrates a complete and utter lack of understanding of Roman history. There are VERY clear parallels between the Late Roman Republic and the Late American Republic. Caesar was an anti-establishment populist nationalist (in as much as such terms can be back-applied to such an era); Newsom is an establishment stooge from the Sodomy Capital of the World. Were Newsom alive in the Late Roman Republic, he would've been a decadent boy-loving old senatorial patrician who would've betrayed Caesar and then been hunted down by the forces of the 19-year-old blond archetypal Sensitive Young Man, Augustus (August!). [/li]
[li]And if Caesar were alive today, in America? Like I said, he would've been a charismatic but divisive figure, an anti-establishment populist nationalist. Rome was a very unusually militaristic society, but America is not, being more unusually mercantile than anything. So given that American generals lack the clout that their Roman counterparts had, let's make Caesar a businessman. And what do we end up with? A figure with whom we are most intimately familiar: Donald Trump! All of this is to say, that Caesarianism is COWARDICE (for reasons yet BEYOND those you have elaborated, all of which are good and well), because by "waiting for Caesar" you are living in DENIAL of the reality of the situation, which is that Donald John Trump is the most obvious candidate for an "American Caesar." But if these pseudointellectual podcast-Americans (mostly Jewish too, btw - "Benjamin Braddock," for example, is a kike who employs illegal immigrants) were to come out and say that "Donald Trump is the American Caesar" - well then, they might be seen as low-status! What if a Cool Nigger Saw You Caring about Donald Trump? It is a concession to libtardation and make-believe intellectualism that is thoroughly Daedalusian in nature. If you sound like QAnon Fox News Tucker Carlson, you might not be Cool Nigger-Approved enough to make it onto the Red Scare Podcast. And that Take isn't spicy enough, anyways. Won't get the Engagements! Which leads me to my next point...[/li]
[li]Such takes, wherein victory by libtards (the most retarded & dysgenic gaggle of faggots in history, btw) is portrayed as some sort of historical inevitability (cf. "America will become Brazil!," "America will become South Africa!" - often blurted out by such and similar types, but rarely if ever CONTEMPLATED, not to mention DEFENDED at all - they are just series of sounds that are uttered) are actually quite APPEALING to these types, because they drive up Engagement and satisfy a sense of contrarianism. The whole modern alt-right/dissident-right scene is defined by such incestuous counter-contrarianism, contrarianism-squared. "Listen up... Israel... is good... Donald Trump... is bad... communism... is good." etc. etc., you've all heard every variety of this junk. It comes from "both sides" here. I believe it is a side-effect of the "marketplace of ideas" (a FILTHY term, because marketplaces are FILTHY places, nowhere where a THINKING man should be), wherein one must continuously produce NEW and EXCITING and SPICY "Takes." At the end of the day, 2016ist Theory & Praxis must be adhered to; it's not that complicated. Hitler & Trump are the only figures who unite ALL figures on the True Right, on the side of Truth and Rightness - I contemplate this often![/li]

The mindset certainly does discourage political action. I think that the models you mention - a Nietzschean network, the Medici family, etc. - a very positive & beneficial. People should be encouraged to read Machiavelli, not Spengler. Spending time discussing the latter is more or less a waste of time because his ultimate conclusion is that which you should (and almost certainly do) already know and believe: Fight for your Race and Civilization at all costs. At which point, you return to your reading of Machiavelli, Hitler, etc. in order to glean pragmatic political advice.

As to the rest of your post, all very wise and insightful. Has put into word many of the NOXIOUS "intellectual" trends which I have suffered to observe these past few years. As to your statement about how the mythical figure of "The Caesar" is an unnecessary exaggeration, and how We Can and Will Win By Our Own Natures, I believe I recall someone saying (perhaps on this venue? I remember not) that the 21st-century American Hitler will have grown up in a mostly-white American suburb and will have driven everywhere, I imagine watched Attack on Titan as well, etc. Indeed the rise of Hitler and Mussolini both FLY in the face of the stupid, mechanistic, slavish, and deeply oriental and Persian "elite theory" of goobers such as future Amarna Court Jester (((Curtis Yarvin))) and future deportee "Academic Agent" (his real name is Neema Palajeega or some Indo-Iranian nonsense of that sort). Muscular "Hobbitism," victorious. 2nd City Bureaucrat has noted this as a blind spot in Moldberg's theorizing before, IIRC. Something to ponder.

Quote:In my next thread, I will talk about the potential happenings in a Second Term of Trump from 2025 to 2029 and news report have suggested that he would probably be the most influential American President since FDR but in our direction as opposed to GNC postwar social liberalism. 

I will be staying tuned for this. I believe this is true #GodWins #WWG1WGA #1488

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