Childish Mischief
Could we collaboratively write and publish on AmazonĀ a Cairey Turnbull book that is legally protected as parody?
Yes, yes we could. Legal protection is already ensured, via the definition of "fair use"; the main problems would be collecting a book's worth of decent material, and spreading the word about the book before it gets shit-canned (like the George Floyd Creepypasta book before it).

I have some experience with typesetting and book design, and would be willing to arrange and publish such a book if the project has enough interest behind it. All proceeds would go to cover hosting costs for the forum.
One poster contributes one chapter in an episodic format, perhaps?
One way of writing it would be to take several Turnbell gigachad dialogues off twitter and then write a storyline that connects one post to the next. If someone here actually read Blue Skidoo, it would make it much easier to organize the posts by parallel themes to the original book.
I would gladly contribute a chapter if this ends up happening.
The Price of Passage
A Wife Vaccinated
The Prize of Passage
Sex with Amanda Milius

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