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Could we collaboratively write and publish on Amazon a Cairey Turnbull book that is legally protected as parody?
One poster contributes one chapter in an episodic format, perhaps?
One way of writing it would be to take several Turnbell gigachad dialogues off twitter and then write a storyline that connects one post to the next. If someone here actually read Blue Skidoo, it would make it much easier to organize the posts by parallel themes to the original book.
I would gladly contribute a chapter if this ends up happening.
The Price of Passage
A Wife Vaccinated
The Prize of Passage
Sex with Amanda Milius
Selfie, Suicide is only 40,000 words, so there wouldn't be too much effort needed to produce a full-length parody version. The question is what direction it should take: should it follow the trend of the Turnbull gigachad dialogues mentioned above, or explore some other territory?

I am posting in this thread because I felt extremely bored today and lapsed into automatic writing, then realized I was recreating Selfie, Suicide. As said in the shitbox, it might not result in anything, but still wanted to announce this here.
Would this require actually reading that shit? I got bored after half a page and quit
(10-10-2023, 09:00 PM)GymChad Wrote: Would this require actually reading that shit? I got bored after half a page and quit

Reading it certainly isn't a requirement if other people wish to contribute. I seem to be one of the few that read most of it and sorely regret wasting my time. You could even say I read it so you don't have to...

[Image: Doug-Walker.jpg]

There is a lot of room for parodic experimentation since the actual Cairey Turnbull character does very little in the novella. I've posted excerpts before about this inaction frequently occurring in the book, but I was nowhere near exhausting the number of times in which the paragraphs state "and Cairey felt sick and then he felt nauseous and then he stumbled over from all the malaise running through him...". It unintentionally borders on bad slapstick comedy when the main character is this feckless and tepid. I feel guilty sometimes when talking about another person's creations in this light but you could really pluck four different excerpts at random and arrive at the same conclusion.

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