Context Is Key
It's amazing the type of shit you can put on Youtube if you give it a type of context that hits the Goldilocks zone that makes it 'acceptable'.
Case in point this video ([Gore Warning] which shows a... 'human'... although it looks more like a burnt corpse that shouldn't be capable of breathing let alone communicating.

Yet it is 'allowed' because it's made by some compassionate wowser who wants to 'spread awareness about the disabled'. This channel as a whole is suspicious to the umpteenth. His face lets on to things other than what he proclaims to believe in. Maybe I'm just a cynic in that regard.

Another example would be how many borderline snuff films get posted on Youtube by TV News channels 'reporting on tragedies' involving cars or murders or other such things.

I don't get the doublethink: yes Timmy you're not allowed to play GTA but yes you must stay informed on Daquan and Tyrone shooting out in the urban jungle because it's the "news" made by reputable smart informed TV anchorman!

Just another example of the relentless psyops perpetrated by the community you are all familiar with upon the general populace.

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