Edumacation n sheeit: The Consequences of Abandoning Aristotelian Philosophy
Ay Oh. 

Haven't finished listening, because I keep stopping to note what I want to talk about, but this recent Penis Quinones stream provides a good foil for reframing what the fuck is going on.

A lot of people would probably agree with the position being argued.
This would include the eternal Catholic. 
And the JUDEO-christian Straussian intellectuals synonymous with contemporary Anglo "conservatism".
Even the Paleocons, at first blush. 

But if you come at it from a different perspective - something wild, something reddit, something like you've never debated someone like me before. Even postmodern - then all you can see is the house of cards.  Certain assumptions jump out.  And if these assumptions cannot be taken as true, then the entire framework has no power.  Which is what matches real world outcomes. 

Which is why everyone who agrees with what is being argued never wins.  Even though it might sound good, or sounds like it accurately critiques "tHe LeFt". 

So the stream is useful to hear it out.  And see what you think are strong arguments. 
Then you can innately feel why the substantial number of people mentioned above, who would back these arguments, get misled. 

Finding the critiques is what you say to those people to get them back on track. 
Will get around to posting the critiques I hear at some point. 


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