Elon Musk's present and future impact on Twitter and on the DR
With Amnesty having begun and large accounts like Patrick Casey and Andrew Anglin being unbanned, i would like to open a discussion thread about this

In my opinion, Musk is as untrustable as Trump was during the last quarter of his term, he is not ideologically Pure by any means or metric, this is obvious, homever, he is clearly better than the Pajeet that preceded him and probably better than Dorsey as well, as he oversaw the first major banwaves and the banning of Trump, those that start large political processes are usually those that finish them, (Miguel, not his son José Antonio) Primo de Rivera ran a Rightist Dictatorship in Spain from the early 20s until the Great Depression, he didn't fully accomplish his role of creating a strong Conservative, Corporatist and both economically and diplomatically independent Spain, Franco did a decade after his fall (before being forced into halfway Liberalization to end the crushing diplomatic blockade that NATO imposed post-WW2)

In my opinion Twitter will keep gradually getting better for a while, before a large crackdown by Governments for being "unmoderated", Twitter collapses on the markets, Musk resigns and is replaced by a Wholesome Chungus CEO, and after that i am unsure, let me be clear, Musk is very useful on the short term, but that usefulness will be reduced in the medium term and reversed in the long term after Rightist Radicalization intensifies, at that point probably becoming more of a problem for us
There is a way to avert it, thoughever - by carefully "hitting" certain targets there, one could create a controversy that spins out of control, and makes it inconvenient to crack down. If any market collapse happens, it causes a panic and takes everything with it. With our abilities I believe this is doable.
If I understand you correctly, are you saying that a political crackdown on Twitter, Inc. would ripple through the markets, and that we should use the looming threat of such as leverage against retaliation?

I propose this: we begin the search for a tweet so keyed that it crashes the global economy, forever.
Sort of. But I think for this coal works much better - it burns, after all. And a couple of tweets so coaly would be enough to start a panic and preempt the crackdown by triggering market wipeouts right away
(12-01-2022, 02:32 PM)Toledo_Keyed Wrote: Musk resigns and is replaced by a Wholesome Chungus CEO

[Image: Capture.png]

Any guesses as to who he's going to pick? I've heard Jared Kushner and even Blake Masters thrown around, though I highly doubt either of them.
Musk hopes the backlash will stop if he keeps a lower profile. Will this work? I doubt it, they've already scented blood. Many will blame his vaccine hesitancy or setting the money of powerful institutional investors on fire; but most importantly: the powers that be don't want an unpredictable public figure responsible for launching American military satellites.

The National Reconnaissance Office alone has a budget of $20 billion a year, passed with zero scrutiny. I doubt even 1 in 50 Americans know what it is they do. They have a very good thing going. It's not the type of good thing that you get to blow up and expect to walk away.

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