Ethno-Historical Revisionism
I just came across an interesting video where Bibi Netanyahu blames the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini, for the Holocaust, saying Hitler never wanted to kill the Jews, but he was convinced by this sand gentleman.


Netanyahu obviously wants to drum up support against the Palestinian Arabs so he can take more of their land, but regardless of the historicity of his claims, or the Holocaust itself, it's an interesting look at Bibi's worldview. Bibi is likely more "redpilled" on this than Trump or even Putin, and as a Mossad operative, knows how to lie to get what he wants. It's even more interesting in the context of the original Zionists desire for Israel to be an outpost of European Civilization, as essentially a racial, National Socialist state. If Bibi is a classical Zionist, perhaps he's trying, in his own way, to take the "heat" off of Hitler so that his racial views may be more palpable.

This is a thread for things like this. Leaders of countries (that will generally be "non-Western") using dubious historical claims, or just making shit up outright, to further some goal. Ahmadinejad outright denying the Holocaust being an example. Wignat groups who embrace this. Also things like the real world influence of insane shit like Nation of Islam. Take it in whatever way you like.
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It's not really dubious or inaccurate, but rather just him Romantically puffing. Basically just a Classic Med Moment. Rienzi did the same thing... their lives were very similar.
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