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About two years ago I stumbled upon a forgotten "dot"-board / "redboard" called F2BBS that was an offshoot from Fucked Company, a now defunct website created during the dot-com bust.  I'm posting this here because I want to have a record of some of the funnier posts that I saw on the now defunct forum and talk about its sister(?) sites. I will probably post about the sister sites in another post in this thread. 

Liberty Patriot:
I first found out about F2BBS through a friend who had noticed a bot called "Liberty Patriot" on the Fediverse who was posting demoralization agitprop along the lines of "Americans claim to love freedom but [insert dogshit here]". Liberty Patriot was originally registered on FreeSpeechExtremist, but was soon kicked off due to spam and the admin claimed it was registered using a Chinese IP address, although this was never verified. The bot then moved to socnet.supes.net, a mostly libertarian instance. 
On April 29th of 2022 it posted this:
 [Image: cc972edef1ce50a1ccd29e41243e5567dde8aef5...2367b0.png]
Curious as to why it posted this, my friend googled that exact sentence and was led to this post on F2BBS:
[Image: dsivi7.png]
Instantly, I jumped on the forum and started lurking. It seemed that the Liberty Patriot bot was both scraping posts from F2BBS and posting them on the Fediverse while spamming F2 and Fedi with the same "Americans claim to love freedom" posts. As seen below, the bot was on the top 3 list of detested posters on F2. 
[Image: ys393e.jpg]
The only example of the type of posts it spammed I saved was this:
[Image: evoo06.jpg]
After lurking for a day on F2 trying to gather more information on Liberty Patriot, I found the few active users were just as clueless as I was and the admins could only be contacted by fax or telephone which I declined to do. I'm still not sure who actually was controlling Liberty Patriot but its fun to think it was actually the Chinese government, although I'm sure they could have done better than a simple markov chain bot. 

From what I have gathered by lurking and asking users, F2BBS is the fifth iteration of a "2nd rate" failed "E-biz" board that was created after FuckedCompany got taken down sometime in 2007. I'm not sure what happened to the first four iterations, but it doesn't really matter for the purposes of this post. Most of the posters on F2 were terminally online boomers (or older) stuck in some sort of anachronistic internet prison of their own making. When asked, most of the users came from FuckedCompany or other dotcom boards in 2000. 
[Image: sibdne.jpg][Image: rtkozj.jpg]
90% of the posts on F2 were shitposts along the lines of stuff like this:
[Image: ry5yvo.jpg]
[Image: 99b7a0.jpg]
I imagine at one point F2BBS was actually used for E-Business News, but devolved into boomers shitposting at each other and screaming into the void. Its a strange thing to stumble into a completely isolated echo chamber in modern times. A couple of my favorite posts are these:
[Image: utux1o.jpg]
[Image: becttl.jpg]
Other than those and the Miata post, the rest was really just shit. It was a great way to endlessly scroll while wageslaving though. If asked I will post about the connections to the other F(x)BBS boards but its not as interesting and I didn't lurk on the others much. I also have more screenshots of posts that I will post as well if there is interest in those as well. Anyway, RIP F2BBS.
[Image: w3d5qw.png]
Recent Friend
The wikipedia page for Fucked Company has a hyperlink to the US dollar page in the dollar sign in "bids as high as $10 million but no serious buyers". Which makes me think the people involved edited that page.
Recent Friend Wrote:The wikipedia page for Fucked Company has a hyperlink to the US dollar page in the dollar sign in "bids as high as $10 million but no serious buyers". Which makes me think the people involved edited that page.

It would not surprise me at all.

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