Facial Looks & Moggers — The Ubermensch of Organic Luxury
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James Dean, Alain Delon, Francisco Lachowski and Henry Cavill all have something in common, they were facial gods. Etched onscreen as revolutionary ambassadors of slick cool sophistication & on magazine as guardians of organic luxury these dear men were blessed to comment on sublime fashion through facial characteristics and reflectivity. Of the sects of us, we may only passively mention physiognomy yet, upon comparing the effects of its expressions our attention is now focused on masks as symbols of power-play & dynamism.

Whereas in pop-culture of ages long-lost, static stone facial assignments once conveyed ideas of static superiority. Today phizog inherits regeneration in its rebellion against perception. The mask & looks that it irons in tune up some elementary enjoyment in mimicking genetic showmanship, though the expression of each mugger varies. Those illuminated with expansive gaze envier an organic flux that which redefines the reemergence of classic nobility thus offering us sensory nourishing via their proud new forefront. Facial looks come defining our own identities anew.

We live in a world for Moggers. Statistics show us that attractive people do better in life & facial looks dominate every area. Bringing balance to emotion & attitude, crowns of confidence enters everyday dressing and offers us substantial strength while diminishing obstacles. There are no superstitions lurking behind cosmetically altered masks of power –only trustworthiness and admiration. Personality sings when it is backed by facial beauty & projects mildness with a bold agenda of influence. The "Ubermensch" shimmers in cosplay attires & cunningly adapts transference personality.

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You are probably quite ugly. A few millimeters of bone separate you from god-like face. It probably will never be; but magical, even exalted is to wonder into ifs & maybes about what could of been. The dumb-uglies are content to wade in ignorance, while the smart-uglies typically devolve into wordceldom or the cryptic realms of cyber-subcultures. The dumb-beautifuls lead lives only dreamable, while the smart-beautifuls are incomprehensible.

Time-&-time-again the ubermensch molds & rehabilitates ideals of images, first it was flesh to perfection & today it’s flesh that looks liken to a painting – refraction & magnification. Attractive men conquer nations; movement rising from plains of immense grace to conquer our world, faces that demand literature & disarray - lest it dispose of communal diffidence entirely. We create what we admire, admire what we create & reap the rewards of emotional nourishment. Like the ancient Masanto sculpture - an angel soaring with pride. Without beauty only a bare surface of thought remains with a chance of understanding eternally stalled. But in order to reveal the ebbs & flows of modern magnificent genes, must continually reinvent; in its resourceful newness & rejuvenation of a tailored chic, the true power of facial expression better comes to show.
Not sure what you think you're saying but it looks at least a bit like an argument that there's some kind of sense or justice in the current arrangement of the world. So I don't like it.

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