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(06-09-2024, 05:48 PM)TroubadourD'Oc Wrote:
(03-23-2024, 03:04 AM)Guest Wrote: Let's get to the point already: How does one dress like Waffen-SS JRPG Nazi in real life?

Bumping this,
The best way I found is to wear cashmere sweaters that are gray, with comfortable socks and a concealed carry pistol. Remember, there is nothing you can buy that will make you fashionable, only the intentional framework of design within your own head.

Hugo Boss still made, until recently, a trench coat that is quite similar. You can still find it at retailers pretty easily though. The name of the model is Hugo Boss Maluks (Black)
Pair that with some pants with flared upper leg and some parameme boots

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