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FreshForex has been operating on Forex since 2004, and now it is one of the leading companies in the Internet trading market. Our company continues to grow, improve trading conditions, offer new popular trading instruments, and take care of each client. All this contributes to the trader's community's rapid development and brand awareness.

FreshForex won many international awards, including Best Asian Broker (Shanghai Forex Expo) and Best Trading Experience (FxDailyInfo).

FreshForex provides a whole range of services for trading on Forex:
  • Access to financial markets
  • Daily market analytics on the major currencies and the most popular trading instruments, including Bitcoin
  • Fast and secure financial operations
  • The most popular trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Different account types, including professional ECN accounts
  • No leverage decrease on ECN accounts over the weekend
  • FIX protocol for institutional clients, brokers, and professional traders
  • Particular VIP program for online trading
  • Flexible and robust currency risk hedging mechanism — Smart Bridge Technology (SBT)
  • Free webinars and trading fundamentals training in simple words.

You will find below fast facts and figures that will help you to choose favor of FreshForex:
  • For over 17 years, we have been successfully working on the market and have helped traders on Forex
  • 2 minutes is the best time for funds withdrawal in our company
  • $0 — we don't have deposit commissions by any means
  • 145 trading instruments, including metals, oil, and CFDs on indexes
  • 0.01 seconds is the fastest trading execution on ECN accounts on the market
  • 101% is an additional tradable bonus on each deposit
  • 100% of the spread we rebate from each lot traded
  • $20 from the lot — that is the best partner program offer on the market
  • 24/5 — working hours of customer service.

See all information and updates on our website.

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freshforex: the amarnan trade platform
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