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For anyone in Gen Y and Z (X is on the fence, they lived more in reality) that's sensitive, the gaming industry and its culture is a central point we all understand, and a lens for which many of us were introduced to societal decay (i.e., when games culture shifted from Japanese to western.. but that's really worth its own discussion).

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The Retro-FPS "Renaissance" and their Soyification & The Use And Abuse Of Old game Styles from Amarna I were both excellent threads, and I wish I had my replies from the boomer shooters thread because that 56%er Hugo Martin who directed DOOM Eternal is a model example of the thing I'm going to bitch about at length. But if it comes down to it, I'll go dig up all the shit I got to evidence my claims of him being a retarded faggot beyond the obvious (skin color and skull shape) again.

I didn't want to derail the general games thread since it's mostly been positive discussion, so this can act as a negative alternative amalgamation of the aforementioned threads from Amarna I as an umbrella for general gaming POZ and decline:

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It's effortless to decry "videogames used to be better", across 3 generations no one would really argue. But if you pressed people, few would agree on why videogames used to be better.

Is it because less white people work in the gaming industry now?
Not exactly, whites (libtards) spearheaded the downfall of what was a Japanese cultural monolith, but it was more of a generational shift- the Gen X'rs who made games in the '90s and '00s were at their cultural height, unfortunately so were millennials who peaked not long after in '08 when the Obama election reset their personalities sending them spiraling down into a state of eternal penance for their crimes of telling the truth online (Eternal 2010's) and gave up nearly in tandem with their older brother generation, so now as they sit at the reins of media industries they do so from a defeated position they refuse to take responsibility for. 

Is it because more women have more control?
Yes, it is. Take every opportunity to hurt them.
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But that's still not all of it, now that the make-work niggers (although looking through this tag I'd blame spics more, western gaming really is just for Mexicans now, just because your amigo down the block hates niggers don't think he wants to leave NiggerWorld the way you do) have gotten in we've really hit the ramp.

[Image: 78f1a00561a94456ab15861612c608a5.jpg]
[Image: baf583981fcebd41e1e4399f7992f3b0.jpg]

These are your tastemakers; these are the people that whine and censor "oversexualization" in "anime games" while ensuring all gaming culture is slowly reduced to Mass Effect fujoshit like "Dream Daddy" for the fujoshi-troon alliance:
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I'll keep my ear to the rail for a chance to beat the "Game Grumps" to death with a hammer.
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Well, let's get some counter examples:

This guy isn't "cool" but living under Bush era republican opulence he does actually USE his wealth and gets the American suite: McMansion and a supercar. This is "cool" as it's more Trump and less Obama.

[Image: CfWQgoNWEAAJkob?format=jpg&name=large]

[Image: cff230cd852a21f13eef2262b6f89eca.jpg]Neversoft employees (1998).

Some virility, yes?
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We're stuck in the past, let's go back to the present:

Did you catch it? Almost every single object in here a symbol of domestication.
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"You're exaggerating."

Am I?

[Image: vHHKeKpWQB2eNLzAO5c1_2BJ4F5L83fry5wS9]
[Image: b6e74095d07abbabee31c42adcdf1f47.jpg]
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Everything you expect.

Every time.

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[Image: C-wpk73XUAAs-Jx?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]
[Image: CynExPuVEAAM9c6?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]
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Well, that was disgusting. Let's go back to 1999 with Shikai Wang:

[Image: friend.jpg]
Blonde hair, thin.

[Image: runner.jpg]
Amputation, but more of "wounded from a sick world" than "lionizing the dysgenic" like what we see in my opening examples.

[Image: manhate-2.jpg]
JTHM/Vasquez knockoff, we can assume he'd think Columbine jokes are funny.

But most importantly..

[Image: sw1.newsgazette.jpg][Image: sw2.newsgazette.jpg]

NORMAL. Remember when I said it's not as simple as "less whites"? Wang's nwoJ, yet he's a primary factor in Halo being so beloved. Compare his original concept art to anything made after Halo 2 (even by 3 they'd deviated too much into what would later become the ArtStation standard) and it must be admitted that the good western gaming was not exclusively the realm of whites, although of course like everything else it was built by whites as it descended from STEM.

Since there's a near endless supply of this shit, I wanted to begin cataloguing it. I've put an emphasis on dysgenics that actually work in games but feel free to talk about why speed runners troon, the various dysgenic pundits.. fuck it, I'll start that discussion too:

Alright, that's enough for one post (which I had to fucking break up into this many posts for some reason, one video per post.. are we on dial-up?). I'll come back with more soon.
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Excellent posts. Gamergate is still not over.
It's all connected.

I think it's just gaming itself. Just drawing in escapists, the worst population in the cosmos, and slowly pulling in more and more literal human refuse until the relatively normal people just packed their bags and left, foolishly being weaklings. This is what happens when there's no balls anywhere from upper management to the ordinary gamer. I mean look at those examples - these wretches are doing stuff you'd do in the past as some sort of joke. Now it's a "joke" but actually a self humiliation ritual to pledge alliance to the defect.

The solution is to hopefully reenact 1983, but extend the lull for like 10 years. These rascals can't exist without internet "toaster fuckers," so if we cut it off too, or maybe just limit their access to it, they'll go insane kill themselves and other such fun ultra attention whore brain fried retard activities
I'd say there's more hope in gaming than other hobbies since I frequently see pushback against zogpozz compared to other mediums. There's sentiment to return to the "xbox live lobby" days being touted, even by niggers. Ultimately this is just wholesome "racists don't care as long as you're racist" shit but it's still better than the filth displayed in the OP.
[Image: image.png]When did every AAA developer start accruing enough women to fill out these increasingly massive and regular photo-ops? Are all the big studios now at least 50% women whose jobs are to hold workshops and have their pictures taken?
There is nothing wrong with Doom Eternal and the director is a normal looking American guy.
(05-05-2022, 11:12 PM)BillyONare Wrote: There is nothing wrong with Doom Eternal and the director is a normal looking American guy.

He looks meek and inoffensive. And Doom is a game about violence which is meek and inoffensive. I don't think he "gets it". And as for Doom Eternal I wrote on old amarna why it looks miserable and I don't want to play it.
The game is very fun and awards autism handsomely
The best PC game of all times, the first Deus Ex, was made the way it is by a jew (Warren Spector). Gaming was always diverse, incarnating the need of white nerds who didn't get any pussy to get rich through the only art they could dream of: computer games.
Lore is good, but it's like a ribbon and the wrapper used to tie and wrap a gift box. If it's shit, no amount of ornate and shiny exterior fixes the fact that the box contains shit.
with respect to lore, almost everyone nowadays sees it, and fiction in general, as something 'cool' and nothing more. despite escapism through media being more prevalent than ever, it has either become devoid of meaning entirely (see: marvel movies) or consumers simply ignore it. the concept of 'death of the author' is a great example of this, as well as its acceptance by trannies. you often see trannies tweeting about how the "meaning" of a given franchise somehow speaks to tranny metaphysics. in reality they are uncritically projecting their ideas post-hoc onto things they like for other reasons, such as a game being part of the 'canon' or simple nostalgia for games they played growing up. this is also readily seen by leftists claiming this movie or that video game has an "anti-capitalist message" because it depicts something vaguely dystopic. these are all epiphenomena of being unable to understand the metaphysics and themes of any art, so they project the feelings they get from it, or what they'd like it to be, onto that void.
 [Image: what-the-what-your-author-english-teache...092312.png]
this "meme" was popular a while ago and is an excellent example of this. for all of the english classes the average person took went he is still unable to grasp the fundamental telos of literature and all art by extension, so he thinks it's merely an assembly of 'cool' details. i still semi-regularly play dungeons & dragons headed by one of high school friends, who is an avid enjoyer of many video games such as the souls franchise and warhammer 40k. one day i asked him if he ever had a purpose or a point to make with all the effort he put into worldbuilding over the years. he told me no, it's just cool. that is the substance of art to the normgroid.
Thank you for finally addressing the "lore master" question. Lore obsession has been a huge pet peeve of mine, and the low effort, wiki-regurgitating Youtubers all the more. There is a time and place for study of the world of a fictional work, like trying to make something in it yourself, but it's usually done by retards so they can spout soy history factoids about things that don't even exist. Even people who try to make things often forget that the lore exists for the story, not the story for the lore. I think this stems mostly from INTJ brained people who are unable to enjoy things without trying to dissect them and study how they work.
I too have a bone to pick with 'lore masters'. One of the most, if not the most useless hobbies you could have outside maybe those autists who like to distort the logo intro clips (I don't know the proper term) of films.
Video games are a special breed, because at their basic level they are not art. You have to make them art, and most developers couldn't be bothered making them 'kino' art (examples include Kojima productions, Deus Ex). However developers still want to look heckin deep, so they'll just write a bunch of bullshit they'll label 'lore' and call it a day.

What I don't understand is why people would bother becoming 'lore masters' instead of historians. Isn't it apodictic that history is superior to vidya lore?

Parsifal's notes on the dillution of media of any meaning hits very close to home. Prying open my friends' brains to realise that they consume media, even those with a message, based on simply some arbitrary specification of 'cool' idiosyncratic to themselves, was quite jarring to say the least.
This aversion to any reflection on the themes and messages in a piece of media (or even if there is any, it is superficial at best), is it ingrained in a person on birth or is it caused by the environment? Have most people always been like this? I'd like to wager no. So then how can we stop it?
The dillution of all media, not just video games, into simply aesthetics and nothing more is very troubling. Signs of the 'last man' who seeks only comfort, not even daring the pain of introspection. Just as Nietszche claimed in his lifetime that the priest was the sick man who nursed the sick to death, today I believe it is those who control the culture industry. We live in a perversion of Buddhism: The Buddha proclaimed that life was suffering and the escape was the termination of the self. Instead, the modern globohomo culture exalts hedonism, a shallow life. "Look to the hinterwelt."
Ironically, Nietszche claims in the Genealogy of Morals that the priest's role is to prevent violence by the sick on the healthy, however in this case the 'cultural' priest does not promote the 'self-hate, self-guilt' of the traditional priest. Yet, the modern man no longer has the drive to even lash out against the material world. He just hides himself in the virtual.

Long story short: the modern man's obsession with the fictional world, not for any meaning but only for shallow aesthetics, is horrifying and must be fixed ASAP.

Sorry for the rant.
Nietzsche would say that you are an pseudo intellectual artfagot and that you shouldn’t put words in his mouth.

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