General Art Thread
Hello, this is my first thread on Amarna, so I thought I would share some pretty arts.
Here are some samples of work by Mark Ferrari, who has made these cycling pixel arts for a long time. Much more is available on this website that hosts interactive versions of the works:
Yes post some arts you find interesting as well
These are so nice that I want this to be a general pixel art thread.
Gorgeous, thank you
Here is one of my favorite Renaissance-era paintings, the Allegory of the Planets by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. There are two versions, one done as an oil sketch and the other as a fresco for the Wurzburg Residence (great building for an architecture thread, if we ever have one). Here you go.
This is the oil painting version
Fresco. Sadly, even with this resolution, the painting looks blurred, and I assume you must go to the location of the painting itself to see it's full beauty.

Apologies, this painting is actually more placed in time with the Baroque/Late Baroque period in time rather than the Renaissance.
(01-14-2023, 02:36 AM)anthony Wrote: These are so nice that I want this to be a general pixel art thread.

I would not oppose this!

(01-14-2023, 08:28 AM)BillyONare Wrote: Gorgeous, thank you

Yes post something you find pretty

(01-14-2023, 09:44 AM)Guest Wrote: Here is one of my favorite Renaissance-era paintings...

I very much like the fresco version, for its great vivid colors. It is a very good work- with so much detail and life.
No one post in my thread :'(
Hello??? Is anyone out there???
Come on, post some arts...
Three works by Gustave Dore

These three were picked at random
a number of artists did illustrations based of wagner's musikdramas, which lend themselves well to amarnisch compositions. i am particularly fond of willy pogany's work, here are a few from tannhaeuser:
i wish i could find them all in one place, in high quality.

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