Give Conservatards a Chance
*Nothing Happens* what Anathema this Term has taken in my Heart. The loss of Passion, of Progress, of Future that lay with it.

The Siegetarism Thread was a momentary Entertainment but all this collapse talk, this “South-Africanization” leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t Envision such a Future for my Fair nation, a Nation with a Heroic Founding Stock who came, saw, conquered, and then Created a Civilization that would hold the eye of the world with it. I think of my Ancestors who came to a land devoid of Civilization, infested with Savages, and Imposed their Vision upon it. I think of my Distant Ancestors, the Germanic Berserker who knew no fear of pain nor Death, Charging into the Battle field Naked and Mad. The Mannerbund. Although our race today is Degraded in the filth and Rot of Decadence I have never lost Faith in it. I’ve lost faith in many things, my heart had grown cold and hard. All my Idealism Crushed, I lost reason to talk and was reduced to a Mute state. Although something’s may be Impossible and Mere Fantasy what I want out of our race today, even in its decadent Form, can and will come natural to it.

I wanted to talk about Conservatives and the “Culture War” as an act of Positing, how things are. I think we all remember those “SJW Owned” and “Crazy Feminist Public Freak Out” video that had reached Trending not too long ago(but ages really) that were caused by a radical Push by Leftist on Everyone else. Since then a Starch Divide has formed Between “Liberal and Conservative” sides. Through social media and the Internet this Divide has been continuously exasperated until we get things like “Civil War” memes. Memes about the inevitable Argument caused by Political disagreement that will Break out at ThanksGiving, about how some family’s would become Divided by this. It should not be Understated how Egregious Liberals have become in their Anti-White Animus. This Divide was also Greatly Widened by Covid with its Persecution of “Anti-Vaxxers” and the George Floyd Riots that Broke out with Liberals Cheering on the Niggers “Righteous” rioting. I Remember Visiting Relatives in The Midwest. The place from my brief inspection was Infested with nigger and other non-whites with the gay flag hanging on every street. When ever we would see a nigger in public there would be this tension with them, when ever they would talk about the down town they would trail off when talking about the Destroyed Buildings. Indelible scars had been made on their Hearts, they can not forget.

There is Division within our Nation that is Undeniable, but I feel many do not trust in its Reality. They have seen to many instances of Conservatives Cucking on Libtard values to see them anything other than watered-down Libtards. There have been Great Strides by Con. Inc. to keep the Goim Cattle on the Plantation. But I would like to Remind you all we are in the Age of Mass Politics. The Heart and Furor of those lower forms of Humanity overpowers all Socially Imposed inhibitions. A low IQ Impulsive Conservatard filled with Hate and Indignation is merely Waiting for it to all erupt, when his Ardent Will finally overcomes the Socially Implanted Inhibitions and he Chudsout. There is an Ubiquitous Anti-White Animus in almost everything liberals can get their hands on. Movies, Tv shows, The News, Ect. It’s common facts that College students(White) will lie about there race to get ahead. Liberals Truly and Totally hate Conservatards and actively Recognize them as Enemies. Can one not held but feel Indignation in their hearts given this condition? Leftist have this Fear of Mob-Mentality when it comes to Nazi Germany, how a bunch of Normal People were all Turned to Nazis because the Mob or Something. They are Right in a way, that when Given the Chance Emotions will Surface and make themselves Known.

Now the Topic I am leading you Dear Reader towards is focused on the Conservatard and his Relationship to Con. Inc., on another Thread I gave some points a potential Speaker could use to Implant The notion of TND into his Audience of Formerly Con. Inc. Speakers. But I should have Emphasized the De-Radicalization Agenda Con. Inc. has. They don’t really want “Conservatives” but Centrists with a outward Conservatard appearance. By what ever means I think me must Mitigate Con. Inc. De-Radicalization Agenda. They have taken the Consertard Midwits and Destroyed them. I do not Think the Destruction of Con. Inc. will have some Crippling Effect on the Right. All they do is take positions that were meant for Intelligence Racists who are not looking to De-Radicalize their Audience. Con. Inc. did not create its audience, they were there before waiting for someone to give form to the passions deep within. Once Con. Inc. is gone I think many Intelligence Articulate Chuds who have been waiting for their chance will take it, maybe you reader are that destine man. It would be Preferable if it was one of Our Guys or a Group of our guys to Mitigate potential Fracturing and Factions(I’m looking at you Nick Fuentes).

So I Guess we come to the General discussion Question I want to “Get out there.” What can be Done to Destroy Con. Inc.? If someone were to Chudout on one of their figure heads would they just grow two More in its place, would this Action be too demoralizing? Would it instead ignite passion in the audience if it was framed as done by a leftist? How does Con. Inc. Function, get it’s funding, and other important things that should be known for our mission. It is a Cancer and must be Extirpated.
(I am very peaceful, I think the least Violent way would be Preferable(also most likely less Illegal))

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