In defense of the spergout
The spergout is the aristocratic right of a naturally free man, his only defense against the subhuman prole in a world of utter communism, egalitarianism, prole worship, and homosexuality. It is a the superior cousin to the chimpout, like Thomas Jefferson's White kids vs. his kids with Sally Hemings. The spergout is the glorious release of pent-up aristocratic energy, of frustration against Society and all of its gay egalitarian butthole aspects. During a spergout, a noble of the soul speaks not His Truth, but The Truth, for a noble of the soul is necessarily one with The Truth, while the prole is a devotee of lies. This is perhaps the most fundamental difference between the natural master and the natural slave.

A spergout is like a chimpout in that both are the release of pent up aggressive energy. However, that is the only aspect they have in common. The chimpout, common to negroes and proles, is the satanic inverse of the spergout in every other way. The spergout is the removal of the money lenders frm the temple; the chimpout is the George Floyd riot. Do not confuse the spergout with the chimpout.

I have had my fair share of spergouts. I like to roid rage at low class people who are disrespectful to aristocrats. They often make stupid noises for attention or smell of feces because they are too dumb to bathe, or else they are obviously ill and spreading their gay poz all over. I usually sperg out at people with trash jobs that should not exist like government bureaucrat, middle school t*acher, college teaching staff without tenure or research, etc.

It is a violation of my rights as an aristocrat of the soul  that I have to go out in public ever without a gang of body guards and admirers. Perhaps soon I will be a self made billionaire but until then I am oppressed. I hate communism. We need eugenics.
Awesome. All experiences filter two ways. One can be frustrated by something that's above them, and also something that's beneath them.
Powerful OP. Very true. Those who denigrate the spergout are those who wish everything to remain "normal", constrained by that stupid false veil of commonality.

It is an overflowing of passion, one that can only be felt by higher souls. I tend to think that all great works are products of a man channeling a spergout for a dedicated amount of time. My best work has come in the form of spergouts...the same feeling at both times. Afterwards, one feels a great call towards relaxation.

I believe that soon, the ultimate spergout will bless the Earth in some place that will be the new center of the universe.
Great thread, I agree with everything everyone's said.
Fuck communism and fuck niggers. 7/88
I do not spergout because I am afraid of normies looking at me funny
^imagine if a cool
I never chimp or sperg, but have always had admiration for those who mastered the artform.
I am only 14 so maybe this explains why I refuse to sperg, I do not want to be made into social outcast, and I am sadly friends with a couple cool niggers. I sperg out on many topics so the niggers at my school call me the second coming of hitler

I see sperging out as two things here- as “causing a scene, scaring the hoes” type thing as more of an outburst, and also going on rant about black crime rates. I do the latter around friends and never do the former at school

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