Introduction / Welcome Thread
Hello everyone.
Welcome, curtisyarvingroyper (LMAO).
Hello glad to be back.
Welcome, Nemesis, Gaius, and December!
Welcome, obscurefish!
Welcome, jerzy!
Welcome, @Oldblood!
Welcome, @m3rc1an!
Welcome, @Notharchus!
(02-16-2022, 05:39 PM)Chud Wrote: Welcome, @m3rc1an!

Hello all!
Welcome, @Barbary Pirate! (I assume you're the same one from Twitter)
Welcome, @NAZARI!
Welcome, @Hooghly and @Kojèveanon!
(02-17-2022, 03:50 PM)Chud Wrote: Welcome, @Hooghly and @Kojèveanon!

Hello all, glad to be back. Probably will be less active due to having my Twitter account back, but this place has its own charm.
Welcome home, @anthony! We were sorely missing you.
I can post now? All right. Good to be in forum contact with everyone again, but the death of old amarna hurt. I might start posting a bit here soon.
Welcome, @Francois!
Welcome, @asdf1234!
(02-17-2022, 10:36 AM)Chud Wrote: Welcome, @Barbary Pirate! (I assume you're the same one from Twitter)

Indeed I am. I appreciate the welcome.
(02-14-2022, 11:50 PM)Chud Wrote: Welcome, curtisyarvingroyper (LMAO).


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