Israel being white has nothing to do with it - it's actually utterly irrelevant due to the situation.

If they are white, the fact that most of the anti-whites are their own people, means they are an "internal enemy" - if they are not white, then they are simply another external enemy.

Either way, it doesn't change the fact they are incorrigibly seeking your own destruction.
(04-04-2022, 10:56 PM)cats Wrote: Israel is a White society. You may not think it is, but everyone besides obscure and esoteric right wingers does, and so does every single one of the brown-skinned illiterate retards lined up outside their borders, trying to destroy it. How can I advocate for its destruction in good conscience?

I can advocate for the destruction of any brown nation in good conscience.
(05-27-2022, 06:21 PM)PigBoner Wrote: I can advocate for the destruction of any brown nation in good conscience.

True. Fuck kikes.
(03-06-2022, 09:09 PM)cats Wrote: The state of Israel is probably one of the most maligned in existence. Imagine normie American's sadism towards Russians now that they've invaded Ukraine, stretched out over decades.

The hatred does not cease when one comes into the Right. The TRS/NJP cohort use precisely the same language and tactics as the left in regards to Israel (apartheid state, posting pictures of sad brown girls in rubble, etc.), and this has filtered down into the sub-100 IQ Twitter Right that we all regularly interact with.

I'd like to use this thread as a place to discuss Israel, its place in the world (historically, geopolitically), its goals, its national ideology, and whether one should "support" the state of Israel in general.

(03-07-2022, 09:35 PM)Trep Wrote: I posted some excerpts from this book The Territorial Imperative when Israel came up in the wignat thread on old Amarna. I’ll post some again since I think it’s an interesting perspective on Jews and Israel.

Quote:According to the computer, the story goes like this: For a very long time human nature has been playing a grotesque joke on Jew and Gentile alike. He and we have joined in regarding him as a race. And yet he has less racial distinctiveness than the southern Italian or the Swede. He is a descendant of a mixed bag of Middle Eastern tribes, as I am a descendant of a mixed bag of Scottish clans, and he has no more genetic distinction than you or I or the next man. But nevertheless there has existed a profound difference between us. We have had territories, he has had none. Among modern, civilized peoples he has been unique. And what we have described as a Jew has been nothing other than a de-territorialized man
Quote:The Jew was different, let there be no doubt. And he maintained that difference with unflagging resolution. We regarded him as a race apart; it was to Jewish interest to agree. We derided the "Jewish personality"; he exaggerated the personality. None of us guessed, of course, he or we, that the "Jewish personality" was nothing but a bundle of mannerisms preserving the identity of a de-territorialized man. And then came Zionism
Quote:Third, such an astonishing reversal of what we had always regarded as the "Jewish personality" should have shaken the West. It did. From that date in 1948 anti-Semitism may have retained a nostalgia or two, but it ceased to be a workable institution. We flatter ourselves that the Hitler outrages awakened the conscience of mankind. They did nothing of the sort. I recall that in America immediately after World War II anti-Semitism reached peaks never before attained, despite all Nazi contributions to our universal conscience; and the literature of the period will bear me out. It was the photographs of dead Arabs, not of cremated Jews, that awakened our famed conscience. It was in 1948 that a stunned world realized that Jews could behave just like anyone else
Quote:Fifth, a most important point. If the Jew never existed but was simply a de-territorialized man, then in theory he should cease to be a Jew when he becomes re-territorialized. When you visit Israel you will discover that it is the new nation's favorite joke. There is the story of the visiting French-Jewish doctor met on the dock at Haifa by a friend. The doctor looked in puzzlement at the barrel-chested porters throwing luggage around. "Who are they?" he asked. "Jews," said his host.

It is not just physique. It is posture, a manner of walking, a manner of speaking, a manner of thought. The "Jewish personality" has vanished, replaced by that of the Israeli, a being as confident, as resolute, and as willing to do battle as a roebuck on his wooded acres. You go to a party in Tel-Aviv and someone asks the inevitable question, "How do you like Israel?" and you answer, "Fine. But where are the Jews?" And the party goes off into the greatest laughter, for it is the nation's joke
Quote:Sixth, if territory has transmuted the Jew, physically and psychically, into another being called the Israeli, then in theory there should be a widening breach between the Israeli and the Jew of the Diaspora. The breach is far from theoretical; it is regarded by many in Israel as the second most severe problem that the new nation suffers. Many a thoughtful British or American or Continental Jew reproaches the Israeli as a chauvinist, as a man who has lost his world view and no longer acts according to his conscience, as one who has somehow betrayed the most profound ideals of a people. To the Israeli, his fellow of the Diaspora is a moralizer whose sermons if put into practice would mean death to Israel. Since it has been the financial generosity of world Jewry which has made Zion possible, there is anguish on both sides. What neither understands is that natural law has intervened; that they are no longer the same people sharing the same conscience and the same amity-enmity complex. Life would be easier for both if they understood
Quote:The same division between Jew and Israeli witnessed a heart-rending demonstration during the Eichmann trial. I had not anticipated it with my theoretical list, but the Israeli elders with their intuitions had, for they dreaded what would happen when the inevitable documentation of Nazi atrocities unfolded. The dread was well founded. As the trial progressed, the bewildered young people -- the sabras, the Israeli-born -- confronted their parents in household after household. "Why didn't you do something?" "You don't understand," said the parents, "there was nothing to do." "But if you were going to die -- if somebody knew he was going to die anyway -- why didn't he die fighting?" "You don't understand," said the parents. And it is true that the sabra will never understand, for unlike the Jew of the gas chamber, he is a territorial animal

This reminds me of the categorical distinction between Jew and Gentile in Mitchel Heisman, but I think it holds up better than Heisman's idea of technological vs biological evolution. The Israeli reverts to being essentially a gentile, pursuing a normal 'evolutionary strategy' rather than the Jewish one.

The foundation of the state of Israel basically turned rootless cosmopolitans into Boers overnight during 1947-48

wanting the state of Israel to submit to the demands of the Camp of the Saints third world and their medicine men who meet at United Nations Plaza would basically be saying that the problem with not only sabra but even American libtard Zionists are that they don’t act more like Joe Slovo (who first branded Israel an apartheid state)

This is the kind of person who characterizes the vast majority of anti-Zionist thought

Anti-Zionism is not counterculture. Thomas777’s most “ANSWER ME!” Jim Goad, Gen X, “society, ma’an” belief is that American society is still uniformly pro-Israel and that “supporting Palestinians” isn’t so banal a plank in the sentiment of our enemies that normie girls post about it on social media to seem compassionate and prosocial (as I think Earth Rabbit has mentioned before)
Jews are an admirable race. To be kicked out of 300 countries is an honor. Aryan geniuses like us will have to behave like Jews in the future, but with encrypted energy rather than gold and jewels. Great men are always persecuted by the ugly mob. Taking into account the morals of the mob is fagotry.
I guess it depends on what is admired. Tough fucks - reduced to a "chump change" people yet never allowing themselves to fall into despondence and "mental defeat."
(06-21-2022, 04:30 PM)BillyONare Wrote: Jews are an admirable race. To be kicked out of 300 countries is an honor. Aryan geniuses like us will have to behave like Jews in the future, but with encrypted energy rather than gold and jewels. Great men are always persecuted by the ugly mob. Taking into account the morals of the mob is fagotry.

Let's not get carried away. They aren't the only race on the planet sharp enough to add numbers in their heads. And they aren't the only one to act self-interestedly. Not everyone who's hated is Howard Roarke.

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