KingCobraJFS and American Oversocialization
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In you are not aware, Joshua Fay Saunders is best known as KingCobraJFS, a lolcow of great popularity. Saunders is a resident of Casper, Wyoming, autistic, about to turn 31, and a prolific YouTuber. He is also a self-proclaimed wizard (he conjures chi balls), Satanist, gothic stud, hippie, cowboy, patriot, etc. Saunders's content once upon a time consisted of him cooking the most stomach-churning meals imaginable. These days he mostly gets drunk and says the same rambling things over and over again. Aside from his pushing Bond Tactical Soap, Saunders's obsessions offer a good look at what oversocialization and too much time in the hyper-real has done to millions of Americans. 

First of all, Saunders is unemployed, collects disability, and relies on the generosity of his father, Clint. All of this free time, plus gratuitous donations from "fans," allows the king to live the NEET lifestyle. What does he do with this money and time? He gets drunk and talks endlessly about things he sees on the Internet. He rarely seems to leave home (he may or may not be permanently banned from most bars in Casper), so YouTube and TV are the alpha and omega of his being. KingCobraJFS speaks in soundbites he gleaned from Terence Popp, has the world's most normie politics (supports BLM, trans rights, legalized weed, the 2 amendment, and cries when he thinks about 9/11) designed to appeal to a wide fanbase, and is obsessed with sex. The latter is understandable since he hasn't known the pleasures of a woman for four to five years. Basically, Saunders, like Chris Chan, is the embodiment of a media-raised entity. 

I bring this up to kickstart a discussion about KingCobraJFS, who is a content goldmine, but to also point out that the oversaturation of media is creating flattened personality types divorced from local culture, community, etc. KingCobraJFS is merely a hilarious and outlandish example of the phenomenon. A more pertinent example would be a Zoomer who uses meme-speak in real life or that pretty girl who dresses, speaks, and acts exactly like her favorite TikTok star. None of this entirely new, as our grandfathers probably pretended to be Humphrey Bogart. That said, I think we still have not yet felt the full ramifications of constantly available media. COVID already gave us a taste, i.e., weaponized hysteria without break. What happens when the Zoomers or younger Millennials access the reigns of power? Government by meme? Diplomacy by TikTok video? More horrors await. 

Also, KingCobraJFS was once convinced that President Trump publicly thanked him and his magic for taking out ISIS: 
Schwab calls this "schizogenesis." Consider it a trial version of those who will be fully immersed into the VR metaverse when it's fully rolled out, and there's no fixing these fucks, nor do they deserve it.

Put him in some state owner ranch/gulag make him work and get strong and "normal" but the damage is still there, and even if fixed, the cringe and embarrassment lingers, making him a walking mental pollution dispenser anyway. Such types are therefore to be considered completely irredeemable and useless, and there will be more and more of them, particularly among whites. And once it occurs you can basically count them as dead, because they cease to be people.
Feels like broadly we're exploring the subject of mass communication/culture sweeping more and more people into the class of those too weak in character to really assert themselves outward against their mimetic environment and instead falling entirely under its sway. Interestingly these particularly feeble characters who become almost pure vessels for memes and whatever's in front of them now sometimes come full circle, their complete submission to their exposures placing them radically ahead of the curve on developing trends. Through this they become unique and interesting again. Cartoonish warnings of where we're heading. As has been said elsewhere by others Chris-Chan is a kind of canary in the coal-mine. We're all drinking from the same well, only in his case Chris-Chan throws himself in and drowns. I don't follow him but CobraJFS seems to be a kind of similar character.
I agree with both of you. I would also add that KingCobraJFS is a kind of cyborg, i.e., he is human and of flesh but would not exist without digital technologies. More than half of his brain is colonized by the Internet.

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