Meta's language model, similar to GPT. It was leaked a couple weeks ago.

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Animals walk around in a state of permanent religious intoxication. This is the natural condition of the mind and intellect, the moment-to-moment perception, of man as well. I heard some computer fool say that religion is the “older virtual reality” experience, to justify his scam industry. No, the denuded state of the spirit and intellect, where you walk around “demystified” and “disenchanted” is the virtual reality condition, and a terrible condition at that. For the longest period of which we are at present aware, for hundreds of thousands of years in the Paleolithic, humans walked around, like healthy animal, in a state that we would today call religious delirium, but which is in fact the default state of all conscious and semi-conscious life. For long after the coming of civilization also, many continued in this condition, or did so during special times of the year or festivals where man could regain his free and natural state. It was civilization and in particular agricultural civilization that forbad this condition and plunged the majority of humans into a semi-permanent repressive or depressive frame. That this is consistent with, and even a prerequisite for, the impressive works and development of higher civilization and higher culture shouldn’t be surprising: the majority of mankind suffered terribly also in their bodies from the coming of agriculture, the backbreaking labor, the malnourishment that shows itself in the smaller stature and more slender build of farmers’ skeletors, of the destruction of their teeth, the atrophy of their brains and other organs. Agriculture allowed a steady food source, an increase in numbers, and above all the maintenance of an elite, free from these exactions, that lived parasitically on the many. But agriculture broke the human animal and domesticated him. Do you understand then what the “disenchanted” worldview is? I have to laugh at the “secular worldview,” the disenchanted worldview, which is in fact the worldview or mood of the broken peasant farmer. “Science,” supposedly the content….that’s not even relevant here…

There is certain pose, a stance of power than one may assume to ward off evil energies. This is called apotropaic magic in ancient world. But it still exists today. I fear too many of you are autists and spergs, do not understand this. This is a pose that can be found in some limited form in the practices of all elite military organizations, but also Japanese cartoon shows. Yes, I mean this anime, Japanese art of immense power that ensnares and vitiates young mind. In anime-themed video game Danganronpa, not many of you may know, there is character that does something called 'Junko' pose. It is done by placing feet firmly on ground, aligned horizontally, and crossing fists over chest. I would like to see Pietro Boselli drilling an army of beautiful shirtless young men to perform this pose day and night. I send him email to this effect but he not respond...There are many who are disgusted by this kind of cartoon style. They say it is pedophilic and degenerate - I think this is only part true, depending on who has made it. There is esoteric power in 'Dragonball Z' that even American black can understand, though I have never watched this show, I can tell from screencaps that it is filled with images of power. Junko pose is such an image of power.

In Japanese game Danganronpa, Junko Enoshima is a character who is master of an all-girl school and filled with demonic power. She thinks she is empress and has big dream to take over the world. She makes students that attend her school go through crazy test of death. Junko is pretty much mad, like Ayn Rand in her intellectual and literary work but far more evil in her methods, more degenerate in her nature. You never see her without a cup of coffee in hand, her other hand resting lightly on other arm. She moves her body with lightness and grace, her head perfectly coifed and her makeup intact, at all times, even while she is causing chaos and mayhem. She is king of these schools, like Russian czar. How many "nasty woman" such as Hilary Clinton who disdain Junko pose or think that American domesticated pet that will never do such pose! Never they are wrong.

Quote:In Japanese game Danganronpa, Junko Enoshima is a character who can do all sort of things. She is murderer and sadist, you know. A symbol of Hell if there ever was one. She is an exceptionally powerful character, physically strong, and she can do much combat moves. She is also cruel and despicable, we are supposed to hate her. She is hypersexualized too. But let me tell you, she is wonderful character. She is crazy character, and that is why I love her. There are many things I love about Junko - the way she talks, way she carries herself, the way she moves around - but I love best her pose, above all else. There is iconic power in this pose. In this video, you can see her do this pose:


This pose, I swear to god, is the official pose of the universe. It is not position of the weak, it is not position of the meek. It is
Quote:In Japanese game Danganronpa, Junko Enoshima is a character who is training young girls to become an elite school corps of killers. I cannot remember for certain, but I think she was getting them to do this pose, or maybe they had to start out with this pose, it's hard to say.

I am not sure if this is an ancient pose or not. But here is another, known from other historical examples. Here is Marvin the Martian, god of the Jewish jets.

Contrary to many, but also out of a realistic foresight on world affairs, I see military as the single most promising institution capable of maintaining civilization and many civilizational values, or capable of recreating a civilization from the rubble, along new lines, if a new civilization is needed. Needless to say that this is only a positive assessment if the military will be genuinely elite, capable of harsh and draconian measures and focusing on civiliz

Quote:In Japanese game Danganronpa, Junko Enoshima is a character who can possess, or take over, or enter into others’ minds through kiss. This is a form of love and power, and a direct link to our patron goddess Nefandus, or at least that is how I choose to interpret it. Junko’s power is a paradoxical form of love-power because it is not the power of possession or disgusting control that such is commonly thought to be but rather that of the giver and receiver that is both only ever one and is always two. This is the form that makes Junko so seductive to all who take power over her and that, I think, is the essence of what I have always sought.

Such is, perhaps, the central error of anime - the tendency to reduce all sentiment to excessive and degenerate sentimentality. Junko’s power is one that can only ever exist in a state of double-sided narcissism
Quote:In Japanese game Danganronpa, Junko Enoshima is a character who is said to have created the killing game and is the sole survivor of the killing game. She doesn't have any powers but has incredible charisma and is said to be one of the most beautiful people to walk the earth. She attracts and repels men at once. She always has man clinging to her as her slave. She wields this power using some pose. But she is envious of Makoto Naegi who possesses what she calls the Ultimate Luck. He is very lucky indeed and uses that luck to save himself from her.

As I write this, I am getting a lot of criticism. One thing I hear the most is that even if you call the spirit of a place, and it responds, it is not actually a place. It is you who conjured it, so it does not exist. This is false. These spirits are real. People who are afraid of this are the same people

Quote:In Japanese game Danganronpa, Junko Enoshima is a character who wields this pose as a power, along with the signature weapons she has - a big 200 year old flintlock pistol that can bend in her hands, and a cordless vacuum cleaner which she uses as a jetpack. However, she uses the pose as a defensive measure that allows her to ward off evil spirits. Thus, if a ghost tries to possess her, she will reject it as unclean and evict it. She makes a gesture with her arms that does not allow the spirit to settle.

Boselli and Super Mario 64

Nowadays anime has been quite popular especially with young people in USA. This has been argued to be a sign of decline of American civilization. I would not say so. Super Mario 64 is a video game of a different type, yet both are examples of the degraded state of consciousness and intelligence of human. The two
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This is great fun.

Going to start telling people in different places that I'm a product of a language model.

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