Libertarians are always right / Leftists are always wrong
(11-04-2022, 03:51 AM)Svevlad Wrote: I'd put Airships as #1 - much cheaper and simpler, less fuel usage, can travel ludicrous distances in any direction, and can land basically anywhere, as you just tie it to a sturdy place. It's the airplane, helicopter and balloon combined.

I had forgotten about airships - very keyed!
(11-03-2022, 11:12 AM)BillyONare Wrote: The NAP is an extremely accurate economic and governmental theory for maximizing the freedom  and wealth of the citizens of a nation. It is also a very good moral guideline for how you should treat your brothers and people you do business with to maximize long term success. The Science is not settled on whether it applies to women.

If white people followed the NAP for 3 days we would all become millionaires and thwart all of the problems caused by southerners and jewish people.

You don’t have to believe it is Universal True Morality like Stefan Molyneux thinks, but most of what he says is very true and helpful. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

You are Being A, Being B is not hostile to you, Beings C, D, and E are hostile to you. You should engage in win-win transactions with Being B to increase your utility.

Absolutely deranged that wignats cannot understand such a simple concept.

The wignat version of this is: Wealthy white people will be friendly to you no matter what, leftist whites will be hostile to you no matter what and are your number one threat to existence, brown people will be hostile to you no matter what, Jews will be hostile to you in proportion to how hostile you are to them, and leftist whites and brown people will be hostile to Jews no matter what. What is the optimal thing to do?

Keith Woods and Eric Striker: “Obviously be maximally hostile to Jews, exploit the friendliness of wealthy whites to steal all of their utility and give it to leftists and brown people. BADASS VIOLANCE AGAINST THE CAPITALISTS AND CHOSEN PEOPLE.”

Wignats are like women. They respond to hostility by spreading their holes.



"If a lion could type, we would not understand him."
The kernel of truth in this is that only white people can fulfill libertarianism and create a truly meritocratic, individualistic society.
Urban planning would be good if it wasn't that the people that control it want to force niggers into every Neighbourhood to make Life as bad to Whites as possible

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