Life and the Cindy Effect
Lindy and Cindy are always present and balancing. Newer civilizations (like the northwest European one) are more Cindy, older ones more Lindy. There's a time and place for both, and preferably neither should massively overtake the other - too much Cindy results in a Daedalic civilization that is impressive but doesn't last long - too much Lindy is what caused East Asia to stagnate compared to Europe in history.

Everything Lindy was Cindy once...
(04-04-2022, 11:25 AM)Svevlad Wrote: Everything Lindy was Cindy once...

You could say it is Lindy to be Cindy (in moderation).
This is what terminal Lindybrain gets you:


At first it's quite beautiful looking, but after 30 seconds or so you realize what a complete dumpster fire it is.

Furniture is extremely large, heavy, and unergonomic. The desk chair clearly does not fit under the desk. Imagine yourself sitting on the couch or arm chairs. Horribly uncomfortable. Coffee is not stable due to being on wheels, but also a pain to move because of being very heavy and on thick carpet. You also can't put drinks on it because it's covered in shitty "coffee table books". Coffee table is also very low and far away from seating so you will have to hunch over very far to use it. Everything is hard to move around.

I am pretty sure all of the brick is fake, or at the very least not functional (unless it was under the drywall, but I doubt it).

The room is filled with corny knickknacks and decorations for the sake of decoration. It's supposed to be a study but also tons of space is wasted to only seat 4-6 people so it fails as both a study and a living room.

Ironically, the progenitor of Lindy, Taleb, has much better taste than his intellectual descendants:

The synthesis between Lindy and Cindy is embodied in the Third Reich.
(04-14-2022, 04:10 AM)cats Wrote: The synthesis between Lindy and Cindy is embodied in the Third Reich.

The combination of longing for the traditional German pastoral life and veneration of a now-degenerated, once-great race, with the advanced technological know-how of German intellectuals who were leading the fields of biology, rocketry, and military weapons, and industrial may well be right. Will have to think on it more but this may be a general trend among the early 20thC rw movements, but Nazi Germany is the example par excellence of this. Only through a renewal of the Lindy could they reach the heights of Cindy.
It's a dichotomy with it's own subdichotomies. Good and bad Lindy, good and bad Cindy.
It's the zeitgeist. Everything is fake and gay, including movements that seemingly fight the fakeness and gayness. It's all style, no substance. 80% if not more of tradfags take picture of some ugly shit and be like hurr modernity, meanwhile the ugly shit isn't a consequence of modernity itself, but a consequence of spiritual retards being allowed to do anything
Isn't this a rephrasing of the antagonism between the Appolonian and the Dyonisian? (What is Nietzsche to us?) What was Appolonian to our forefathers, they fought to trade down to us, and what was Dyonisian to our ancestors, they didn't fight to trade down, but if it was lindy, it could still become tradition.
Yet we can see that what has become tradition cannot be cindy, so any Appolonian meme that we receive in tradition will be rejected for being lindy, or even mistaken for being Dyonisian in origin.
The synthesis should be between our own Appolonian spirit, that which we perceive to be cindy now, and between what is lindy but once was Appolonian.

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