Loser Sociology - Incel and Blackpill Communities (dbdr case study)
(10-18-2022, 09:28 PM)anthony Wrote: I'm glad that you understand the essential issue the same way I do. dbdr blames himself for things which are obviously not his fault and nature for things which were done by malevolent or incompetent people. I've actually gotten a couple of replies from him in comments trying to suggest this to him. It just kind of... bounces off. The conditioning is insanely strong here.
I think most of these young men are of a melancholic disposition. That makes it much easier to socialize them into self-hatred. I imagine that even Elliot Rodger was like this behind the paper-thin self-aggrandizement. Maybe that's just me being resentful that Rodger's apparent narcissism has been used to caricature all lonely young men, but whenever I watch footage of that guy talking about his life I cannot bring myself to see someone who thinks highly of himself. In fact, I see just the opposite.

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