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(07-13-2023, 06:05 PM)BillyONare Wrote: @Reverend_Moon Holy Land is a cool manga that will inspire you to work out and learn martial arts. Has some realistic and pseudo-realistic advice for real street fights. I don’t believe I’ve read his other work.

Reading this reminded me of the punch practice scene, at the time I was really inspired to do something similar. I think this quality does make it worth recommending, thanks @BillyONare for helping me reach a judgement. (Excluding Destroy and Revolution, the other two are Reminiscent of it(holyland), but their main focus is survival; they lack an urban setting)
I’ll try reading Usogui. I remember attempting to a couple years ago, but the scan was bad and the translation was horrible.
(07-08-2023, 09:50 PM)Reverend Moon Immortal Wrote: Survival (SAITO Takao)
(When ever my hands would get cold in winter I would remember this scene)

A tale of surviving(as the title suggests) a catastrophe that completely annihilates Japan and the rest of the world. Not only does the manga provide interesting survival tips intended with the average concrete-jungle dweller in mind to survive the real jungle, but also demonstrates the tenacity and grit that are needed to survive in a world destroyed.

The boys quest to find his family is consumed by a loneliness that is only relieved by brief encounters with fellow survivors. Many of the encounters are marked with misfortune, but the boy’s will to survive and find his family triumph over the tragedy of the world that envelopes many along his path.

If you are in the mood for heroic triumphs over nature and circumstance guided by a(mostly) unwavering will then this is just the manga for you.

I read all of this recently and had a very good time. Thanks for the recommendation. First thing I'll get out here, I didn't recognise the name of the author, but thought the thing looked really nice and was put together to a very high standard. Then about halfway through I looked him up.


It's the Golgo 13 guy. Which makes perfect sense after a moment's thought. Both works I believe are appealing to the same baseline fascination, which is an alternative world of high stakes and danger balanced out by constant opportunities to leverage ones self against obstacles and overcome. The survival story and the crime story I believe have the same root, which is a desire to be transported into a world of more immediate and direct problems and solutions. Both Survival and Golgo 13 are relatively grounded works, they enjoy employing a decently informed standard of realism. This is cool because it makes the action coherent and satisfying to follow. But it's not the appeal. The evolution of this kind of story is of course isekai, where the rules change from something resembling reality to something resembling video games, but the key appeal is still there. An alternate world with problem-solving processes we can recognise and follow.

Sorry I got interrupted while writing this post an hour ago so my line of thought is disrupted. I enjoy and recommend both manga.

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