Millennials: A Retrospective
On the subject of millennials' refusal to grow up emotionally and leave their childhoods behind, you can already see a less virulent strain of this desire to *retvrn* to mommy's milkers in a lot of Romantic literature of the 19th century, particularly among the Germans. It's not a motif you would often find in European letters before this period. This poem by one Klaus Groth which was latter set to music by Brahms is perhaps the clearest example one may find.

Ecce, Thomas Mann's translation of it so everyone can understand:

"Oh, that I knew the way back,
The blessed way to childhood!
Why did I look for happiness
And leave my mothers hand?

Oh, how I long to rest,
Woken by no struggle,
To shut my tired eyes,
Gently protected by love.

To seek after nothing, to peer at nothing,
Only lightly and gently to dream,
Blind to the changes of time
A second childhood!

Oh, show me then the way back,
The blessed way to childhood!
In vain I look for happiness,
All around me is desolate coast."

The first decades of the 19th century were marked by the bloody aftermath of the Napoleonic wars, the revolutionary convulsions of the jacobines had, for now, been extinguished with a firm hand, the French Empire had collapsed and it's emperor was rotting on a rock in a distant sea. Millions of young men lay dead in the field and continental Europe's economy was ruined. Eckermann reports Goethe as saying "I thank God that I'm not young in so thoroughly finished a world". Maybe we can draw some limited parralels between the experiences of the generation that grew up on the wake of all this and a Millennials' experience of 9/11 and the 2008 economic crisis coupled with their lack of future prospects and stifled wills.
Millenial men split into two groups. One that was poisoned with anti-male and anti-White attitudes by their soccer moms and were weak on top of that. Those ones went into Rage Against the Machine and the 1999 Seatlle anti-Globalist leftism vibe. They would be the most ardent haters of G.W.Bush and everything right wing back in the 2000s. I remember all those liberal memes and the late night show liberalism rampant would make sense.

The second group was made of the millenials that suffered through the same, but instead of swallowing the anti-male claptrap they went full Eminem / Slipknot edgelords and got dreads and said edgy slurs all the time in online games and did 4-chan style pranks while playing Newgrounds games.

In the conflict between these two millenial groups, the milieu of the 90s and especially the 2000s favored the right wing millenial edgelords. So the leftists were just opposition and mocking everything from the sidelines, maybe going through an emo phase in 2005 before creating the "Internet Atheist" scene in the late 2000s with all of its anti-Evangelical leftism of 2008-2010 before the even more virulent leftist, who were the silent people in high school everyone mocked went into journalism and college where they picked up Marxism and the Social Justice fads (which they were on the path to since they were listening to RATM and being anti-Bush since the 2000s) and then finally had their moment to shine once they left colleges with their woke degrees, and the normie masculine men shutting up after 2008 because they weren't really built for real opposition, they just went with the flow.

The split between millenials, how some millenials turned into soy-fags and why the leftist Millenials did not come into full force until Obama's second term (White leftists) because Bush Jr. was still holding semblance of some right-wing tone in America and the whole leftists millenials were brooding in their leftism more quitely during those days but got their spotlight once they finished colleges right around Obama and finally had their moment to come out in full force.
Everytime I have an interaction with a millennial it's them scolding me, schooling me, trying to veer my life in the same direction that theirs went. Truly disgusting. Makes me feral with rage.
how is it possible that a generation that grew up with edgy and masculine media(nu metal,videogames,anime,4chan,newgrounds flash games/animations) became a bunch of soymales faggots?
(07-09-2023, 09:25 PM)Guest Wrote: how is it possible that a generation that grew up with edgy and masculine media(nu metal,videogames,anime,4chan,newgrounds flash games/animations) became a bunch of soymales faggots?

Most people are completely pliable faggots who don't really appreciate much of anything they enjoy. And the ones with real culture bearing capacity weren't given any real support or a full picture of what's good which could grow into real conviction. These people got bare shreds of what it means to not be an insect and that all got blown away by a world configured to do exactly that.
𝕋𝓸𝓭🅰🅈 🆆🅴 𝘭𝗶🆅🅴 𝓉🅾 𝚜🅴𝔢 ⓣ𝓱𝑒 𝙙𝕖🅵𝙞𝖓𝕚𝓷𝔤 𝚍𝕚𝒇𝚏𝐞𝚛🅔🅽𝓬𝓮 𝓫🅔𝕥𝓌𝑒🅴𝔫 𝕒 𝐡𝓊ⓜ𝗮ⓝ 𝘸𝑖𝕥𝚑 𝒶 𝔰𝗼𝒖𝑙 ⓐ𝓷𝖉 𝕒𝕟 𝘢𝑛𝐢🄼𝕒🅻 𝘄🅷ⓞ 𝐚𝓹𝐩𝖊𝔞𝙧𝓈 𝑜𝔫𝒍𝚢 𝘩ⓤ𝑚🅰🄽.

An ͩ w ͪ ͣ ͭ w ͥll  ͭ ͪ ͤ n ͤ ͯ ͭ "g ͤn ͤ ͬ ͣ ͭ ͥ ͦn"  ͩ ͦ  ͩ ͥff ͤ ͬ ͤn ͭly?

𝕄𝒶𝔂𝐛𝔢 𝔱𝔥𝘦𝖞 𝐰𝔦𝙡𝔩 𝐬𝘁𝔬𝑚𝙥 𝖙𝓱𝓮𝘪𝗿 𝓯𝗲𝑒𝑡 𝚒𝓷 𝓅𝖗ℴ𝒕𝐞𝘀𝖙?

Mᵢlˡeₙiᵃlₛ ʷeᵣe a gᵉnₑrᵃtᵢoⁿ ₒf bᵣoᵏeₙ ᵖeₒpˡe.
Bᵘₜ ₜʰₑ ₒᵘₜˡᵢᵉᵣˢ ᵃᵣᵉ ⁿₑᵛₑʳ ʳₑᵖᵣᵉₛᵉₙᵗaᵗᵢᵛₑ ₒᶠ ᵗₕᵉ ᵐaʲₒʳᵢᵗy.

𝕀𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖 𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕚𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝕙𝕦𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕤 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕒𝕝.
Zoomers are in for a rude awakening when they find out everything they attribute exclusively to Millenials is just the standard process of aging for normies in today's world. Normies all become Boomers in late 20s, 30s at the latest, regardless of generation

Gen Alpha is going to do the exact same thing to Zoomers, and so on, as long as society keeps running. Most of this rapid aging has to do with getting a wife/gf as women are the regime's biggest advocates (with virtually no exceptions)

Most of the things that irk Zoomers about Millenials are superficial things like media preferences. "My zogslop is better than your zogslop." In reality both generations are virtually identical as the kids left behind by spiteful Boomers.
I am not sure how much is relevant only to millennials but:

The impossibility of conflict is a given to a vast quantity of people. All things remain the same, perpetually. There is only the slight adjustment of things in this way or that way. Iterative progress as a global community. Community. Community.

This is perhaps least offensive in the underclasses, where its major harm is simply in how ugly it all is. But it is also prevalent in places of "higher learning" and so it goes. Breakthroughs? New paradigms? Starting from first principles and re-examining a problem? Nonsense. Simply iterate forward using what is given. Nothing is wrong in the chain, have faith.

It's unpleasant enough, but at least it will serve its purpose. Even if some outlier decides, for whatever reason, to reinforce such a global community with the breakthrough that will come, it only staves off the inevitable.

The above poster mentioning women is correct as well. You will see many men utterly degrade themselves for a gf, wife, family, etc. In most cases, there is little to degrade anyhow. It comes back to faith again, because it is easy enough for those who fall into this to merely say: It is good to have a family, etc. etc. There are many "right wing" types who say "my children will carry the torch!" This sort of passing the buck while still attempting to portray bravado.

No. They will be washed away. Children are random and this is easily observable. Environment matters little to those destined. Destiny is stronger. The others are fairly worthless (this was not always historically the case, but in this era, the tools required are not "quantity of men".)

This is the general case of millennials. There is another case, the hedonistic type. It is easy enough to make modestly-large quantities of money right now without working a job (no, not through crypto, although perhaps this works too.) Large enough quantities to live a hedonistic life quite well. I know a small number of men like this, and one can say that they are admirable in their resistance, enjoyable in their nature, but not particularly impactful in any large sense. Still, their existence is good cheer enough.

But I have some small interactions with zoomers, etc. And the same problems are present there. When you meet an outlier, somebody who already knows that there is a great lack to what is offered, you can immediately tell. Many of them try many things to reconcile the difference. Drugs, girls, philosophy, art, etc. Maybe some strive as a response too, but I am unaware.

Everyone is degenerated, especially if we compare ourselves to the best of men. Still, within this degeneration there is one (majority) that is completely finished and unlikely to recover at any point. And there is another minority that could (with difficulties large and small depending on the individual) adjust towards a more "living" form of life.

In this way the cope of "my children will carry the torch" is somewhat true. We will not reach those peaks of man. Neither will men in the next 250 years (my condolences to "new, scientifically-improved eugenics" believers.) It will take a tremendous amount of life to make life again. This tends to amount to death. Billions Must Die. The first ascent is always this sort of war. Populations are too large now, and so this sort of war will take those sorts of quantities. If I could, sterile and pure, write the perfect man via whatever technology, then he would still be nothing compared to the man made by fate itself. Thus, even in the super-eugenics vision of the future, fate would take the globe, as one would stand against all others and force them to submit.

Even so many of the keyed millennials fail to grasp this in their heart of hearts. They are merely anti-war. They are merely anti-immigration. Most of all, they are merely desiring the dream of romance above all else, a girl to love who loves them faithfully too.

There is nothing wrong with this and I do not ask for more. But the heart of others, the heart of that storm, it holds nothing like this as the key. Pure blinding light blinds human eyes. None of the current players have shown any hand towards this of course. Whether it is just a deception or the truth remains to be seen. I have no idea whether this is the winning play or not.

But we continue to see this interesting dissonance between very popular, impactful fiction and the reality of life. It is an unstoppable force that currently only lives in fiction. But everyone recognizes it very readily, despite no personal signs of the same thing. The same fiction, the same tales of Great Men (yes, there is always some moralism thrown in too), appeals to the newest generation of man as it did the previous and so on.

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