Poll: You have a Keyedstaat grant to give to one man - to whom do you give it?
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Graham Hancock
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Ray Peat
4 50.00%
Terry A. Davis (resurrected)
2 25.00%
Bob Averill
1 12.50%
Chase Petley
1 12.50%
Ryan Zehm
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Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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Modern eccentric & independent scientists, inventors, & explorers
History, especially the history of modern Western science, is full of eccentric and independent Higher Men who act out the Great Will against the trends of the day. Such polymaths or Renaissance men include the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, and the great Thomas Young, who "made notable contributions to" fields as seemingly diverse and unconnected as "vision, light, solid mechanics, energy, physiology, language, musical harmony, and Egyptology," and was "instrumental in the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs."

Sadly, it seems that today this type of man is sorely missing from modern science. Like the insects out of the Heinlein quote, modern scientists have specialized so deeply and so narrowly as to severely hobble any man from attempting to see the bigger picture, nor to ever dare question the prevailing narratives of his day. Academia has become thoroughly solidified and ossified; I agree with Yarvin's interpretation of this as being a result of the University becoming a tool of Political Power. However, such Great Men of the Curious and Adventurous Aryan Spirit are not gone, but are instead merely ignored by the current reigning System in favor of dull, conformist Bureaucrat-Scientists. In this thread I shall catalog a few of these remaining True Aryan Scientists, so that When We Win our future Ministry of Keyed Science may grant them exorbitant grants and subsidies with no strings attached, so that these wondrous Specimens may fully express their unique Nature in its entirety. This is the entire purpose of the State, btw - marshaling, controlling, and taxing the masses, who are by definition content with satisfactory labor and creature comforts, and redirecting the surplus which they create to allow the Elite of Differentiated Men to live free of all Constraint or Worry and fully express the Nature and Destiny (one and the same) which God has assigned them.

I - Graham Hancock
[Image: LmpwZw]
Likely needs no introduction. One of the key(ed) figures in promoting (quite justified and rational) theories of advanced, lost, Antediluvian Civilizations. Has also been key in initial study and promotion of DMT, for better or for worse. A favorite of Joe Rogan. His books are must-reads for those just starting to research Antediluvian Civilizations, ideally around age 13-14 (but of course, it's never too late to start).

The Official Graham Hancock Website
YouTube: "Graham Hancock’s Theory about Ancient Civilizations | Joe Rogan"

II - Ray Peat
[Image: LmpwZw]
A name much more closely tied to the circle of Our Thing, Ray Peat is a biologist and nutritionist who has spent his life extensively researching the particularities and peculiarities of Human Hormones and the effect that Diet has upon them. His "Peaty carrot salad" is a must-have for any clean-eating Diet.

Amazon - The Ray Peat Survival Guide

III - Terry A. Davis (RIP)
[Image: bGxZMDJjcC5wbmc]
Terry A. Davis should also need no introduction; in fact, he probably needs it less than anyone else on this list. A genius computer programmer stricken by paranoid schizophrenia, Terry created his own operating system from scratch called TempleOS, as he believed that it was the prophesied Third Temple which he was ordered to build by God. His spoken words on stream are an odd and jumbled mix of belligerent, paranoid attacks, good-humored joviality, and occasional nuggets of pure wisdom. Sadly, Mr. Davis passed away after being hit by a train in August of 2018, but his legacy lives on eternally in his Creation of TempleOS and his contribution of the phrase "glow-in-the-dark CIA nigger" or simply "glownigger" (or even "glowie" if you're a FAGGOT) to describe Federal Agents. In Basedworld his lifestyle and projects would have been fully patronized by the Keyedstaat Ministry of Technology.

YouTube - Terry A Davis Compilation
YouTube - TempleOS in 100 Seconds
YouTube - Internet Insanity: Terry A Davis
YouTube - TempleOS | Down the Rabbit Hole

IV - Bob Averill (AKA Hampture guy)
[Image: 9ajgKWQ.png]
Bob Averill, better known online as "Hamdad" or simply "The Hampture Guy," has been endeavoring for a bit over a decade now to replicate the underwater libertarian utopia of Rapture as seen in the Bioshock series of video games, only on a somewhat smaller scale - specifically, hamster-sized. He has invested thousands of dollars and hours into designing and building specially-made habitats, life support systems, and even tiny, hamster-sized tanks for his rodentine objectivists.

YouTube - I Chose Hampture
Blogspot - I Chose Hampture
Patreon - I Chose Hampture
YouTube - Hampture (Mister Metokur reupload)
Engadget - "Hampture underwater colony established for science, leads the way for future hamster space exploration"

V - Chase Petley
[Image: k0yZCuj.png]
This is the first person on this list whom I doubt most if any of you have heard of. Chase Petley is an amateur engineer and explorer who has been trawling the depths of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada for signs of life near the bottom. The resident "experts" told him that it was impossible to find any sort of life there, because it was well-known that nothing could live below 500 feet or so in fresh water - the science was settled! So Mr. Petley built his own underwater drone for a few thousand dollars (which survived the dive which the scientists' own multi-million dollar drone could not, btw), installed a modified, pressure-resistant GoPro on it, and surveyed the depths. He ended up finding a live shrimp living on the floor of the Lake, caught it, pulled it out, and gave it to the smug bastards as proof. He has since then continued his expedition, and has documented all manner of odd creatures in the depths of the Lake, some rather large.
[Image: c2l6ZT05MDA6Kg]

YouTube - TahoeDeep
YouTube - Mysterious creature spotted in depths of Lake Tahoe
4chan /x/ - Bottom of Lake Tahoe GENERAL

VI - Ryan Zehm
[Image: 45thInsta.jpg?resize=300%2C300&ssl=1]
Last, but certainly not least, we have Ryan Zehm, an American Christian who, prompted by rather curious theorizing about Inuits being Tartars being the lost Ten Tribes of Israel, has decided to journey to Hyperborea. But not only is he seeking to just visit the North Pole - he's going to be doing it using only human power, i.e. no powered vehicles, just a bicycle and snowshoes.
[Image: Route.jpg?w=670&ssl=1]
Quite the bold goal! He has also designed an Inuktitut learning program for these purposes.

Destination Hyperborea
Uqastone - Inuktitut Language Learning Software
The Inuit, Thule, & Tartarians

Never forget that the Aryan exploring and conquering spirit lives on, and only needs to be restored to power for all of the great things you can imagine to be done! If you were born a Differentiated White Man, you have already won the lottery; not because of any sort of phony, gaslighting ideas of "privilege," but rather because you are one of the few among the lot of humankind who actually possesses a drive to explore, expand, investigate, and create greatness! Never forget this, and never despair. Please post other Differentiated Men of similar spirit to the ones I have posted, so that we may inspire each other to undertake our own Great Works.
Neat idea for a thread. Have you heard of Jaime Mantzel?

Maybe not quite what you mean. He's clearly great man potential, but so utterly filtered by the modern world that he just reset his life to baseline and builds his own life in the middle of nowhere entirely with his own power and ingenuity whenever he becomes too disgusted with his surroundings. Clearly a man simply too good for everything around him. This is the kind of guy who would have invented the wheel if he were a caveman.


Other contribution, one every Australian will know and nobody else. Jim Penman.

[Image: Jim-mowing-trailer.jpg]

This guy's face and brand is everywhere in Australia because he created an extremely efficient and successful franchise system for an increasingly large number of jobs around your house. But the part most people don't know is that he only does the entrepreneur thing because the universities wouldn't have him. Because he's a eugenicist with original theories on the role of epigenetics in civilisational cycles. Also unlike most theorists of eugenics he has been extremely fecund. He has 11 children. Being the change he wants to see in the world.

His wikipedia page is actually quite straight forward and accurate: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Penman

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