Poll: Bitchard Hanania
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Promote BH to mod, rename forum "RationalWiki-Forum"
5 35.71%
Promote BH to mod, keep "Amarna-Forum"
3 21.43%
Do not promote BH to mod, rename forum "RationalWiki-Forum"
3 21.43%
Don't do either
3 21.43%
Total 14 vote(s) 100%
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Nominate Bltchard Hanania as Mod; Rename forum to "RationalWiki-Forum"
PIGSAW Question 
I am certain that by now everyone is aware of our greatest poaster: Bitchard Haninia, who hails from the great RationalWiki— a place for supreme thinking.

As is obvious, he's more fit to run this joint than anyone currently doing so, which calls for a vote!

Yes, democracy in action.. the Amarnite choice for problem solving.

Cast your vote TODAY!
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Bltchard Hanania fan
I support it. Hail Hanania!

[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-05-07-at-9.50.34-AM-Ric...anania.png]
Fuck Bitchard Hanania
Yeah do it!!!
Right-minded people shouldn't pay undue attention to Liberal shitheads. It just serves to depress the conversation. These types of people are of terminal psychic vagination, their anuses are bottomless in depth and are gluttonous for pain. Nignore, etc.
My position, he should make his own forum and make me a mod on it.

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