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The internet forever seeks to turn what is obscure into what is cool, and what is cool into what is cringe. It's like an perpetual hipster machine. I 

Consider this the "Kiwifarms done right" thread that I swear existed earlier. A tribute to idiosyncratic ambitions written upon a webserver.

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"Yes, I will put a blur filter on my website"

In the pursuit of art, Humanraccoon has accepted no compromise. Not even homelessness will deter the maintainer of the project from his ('transfem') ambitions (A Ko-Fi campaign resulted that might have given him the money he needed, but a recent video implies it wasn't sufficient. Oh well.) A long-lasting artifact of the neocities retro-site revival, it long since has branched off, with a constantly updated site, continuous Youtube content, and a number of social media presences. Appreciate the site how you see it, because it isn't available in the Internet Archive, and he likes purging old content around yearly. Featuring the Tricade System, Neo-Thelema, and Cyber Tarot, this latest iteration of the site has taken an occultic angle. The site's aesthetic is best described as an ouroboros of 90s aesthetic nostalgic cannibalism. Thanks, Sarah Belmont.

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Although the reason people go here is for the browser-based emulators, there's a lot more ambition here that never really hit its stride. Since 2002, and mostly abandoned since 2018, this site wanted to be a little of everything, but nothing it did besides its niche took off. The site is the testament to its programmer's dedication to adding more stuff. The links below show off some of the more interesting curiosities. Thanks, David Auchampach. 

Tourist Attractions:

https://www.vizzed.com/market/ - Buy real stuff with site points. The creator put a bunch of money into getting keys to put here too.
https://www.vizzed.com/bible/passage.php - Web bible
https://www.vizzed.com/radio/ - Broken twitch embed game music radio
https://www.vizzed.com/videogamemusic/ - Functional browser game music radio
https://www.vizzed.com/request.php - Abandoned feature request page
https://www.vizzed.com/stats/tdv-hof.php - "Tour de vizzed"
https://www.vizzed.com/u/album.php?id=3 - Gallery uploader feature - and some old site assets

[Image: Opa4Nta.png]


An artifact of the "a site for every man" times of the 90s and 2000s. The most maintained feature of the site is the still-updated GUI gallery. There's a bunch of other stuff that's stuck around too, and it's a time capsule of that early-2000s tech world aside from the nominal updates. Thanks, Nathan Lineback.

Tourist Attractions:

http://toastytech.com/about/tipics.html - Some 80s computer drawings he made
http://toastytech.com/good/ffdoom.html - Doom WAD made to promote Firefox
http://toastytech.com/evil/index.html - Archive of early 2000s Internet Explorer controversy with fire GIFs

(Prior version of OP destroyed because you can just accidentally close the tab... well, I'll take it as a rewriting opportunity.)

Lots of people have been influenced by this guy and nowadays the mark he has made on internet pop culture is seen quite easily. Notable examples include Pilotredsun and cboyardee. As with all innovators, GHXYK2 remains in relative obscurity but the sheer originality of what he did is impossible to deny, especially now that there are so many imitators. GHXYK2's works range from videogames to videos to books, but video seems to be his primary medium. The typical GHXYK2 video are MS paint animations and comics which are all trademarked with a very sloppy, hastily constructed and surreal style. Somehow, he brings a considerable amount of structure and substance to all of this crazy shit. I think this is the most noticeable thing his imitators lack, they work in the same audio and visual style that he created, but without his twisted sense of narrative. 

You might notice how this guy really likes to make "fake videogames" as a subject of his videos. Even in cases where this is not the foundation, characters will often speak in dialogue boxes or move around the screen like sprites. When he really commits to this bit he's no dumbass about it though...you have a fake loading screen and theme song and everything. They still feel justified as videos since the programming of the "videogame" is often built around an impossibility, like the stubborn character here who seemingly has his own consciousness. 


Another ancient YouTube creator, Chriddof is also someone I would consider highly influential on today's e-cultural hand-me-downs yet shrouded in relative obscurity. Most things I am latecomer to but I was a very early sub of Chriddof's. I attribute most of the downstream "surreal" uncanny 3d videos bouncing around the net to his influence. In particular Chriddof would take advantage of DAZ Studio and is my personal touchstone for the program. 



As stupid and frivolous as these are, they were innovative for their time, which was 2007-2009. Lots of people have since taken after his style due to probably seeing his stuff posted out of context in various forms over the years. 

His "base" seems to be parodies and remixes of late 80s and 90s British television. Chriddof IRL is an Englishman of millennial age so I assume this is the foundation for his enagement with media on display here. 

I've watched so much of his stuff, it would take some time to recall all of his greatest hits in totality. These two more serious, contemplative ones stick out in my mind a lot, however.
Double posting because I have lots of this stuff, frankly. Here's two more. 

He obviously goes without mentioning. In fact he really deserves an entire thread to himself and his work. For all the people who bemoan lack of "right wing art" Nobody's entire body of videos is what I would point to if I was actually willing to share things I like with stupid knuckle-dragging retards.

I'm a huge evangelist for this guy. In fact his art is pretty much one of the only things I really consider to be truly of timeless quality coming out of the 10s. It's largely been a waste of a decade. If you like any of them then watch as many as you can, because there are a lot of really good ones.

There's also this guy, Randy Prozac. These videos aren't really as intense and contemplative as Nobody's but they are pretty funny. He has some filmed (real life) stuff I haven't watched in addition to this Sims "machinima"...and lots of music. Nobody has a large body of music as well, but I prefer these people for their videos moreso than music.
a system is failing Wrote:He obviously goes without mentioning. In fact he really deserves an entire thread to himself and his work. For all the people who bemoan lack of "right wing art" Nobody's entire body of videos is what I would point to if I was actually willing to share things I like with stupid knuckle-dragging retards.

Nobody is fantastic. 

Here's something I think you might enjoy.


Cameron's World is a collection of archived gifs, page themes, and still-active Geocities sites condensed into a single long-scroll page. While many of the links are dead or underdeveloped, it takes me back to the bygone era of Web 1.0 creativity before the pasteurization of expression and creativity.

I've been through most of the links a couple of times mainly for the purposes of archiving the gifs and images. Many of them are over 20 years old in age and may soon become lost media that will never be recoverable, so I set to doing a little bit of archiving of my own. Have a look and see what crazy things you can find.

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