Performative pseudo-intellectualism and the dictatorship of attention whores
(02-15-2023, 09:23 AM)Guest Wrote: Chud had already made a Chris Chan thread before.

Ah, thanks. I just totally forgot. Shamefully sparse thread. I'll go share some thoughts in it soon. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
"nko pop of angry virgin 100 IQers who only support rightism because they are mad they get no pussy, because they are economic automatons and incapable"

Blablabla. You project your own sex-obsession onto everyone else. I'd get myself killed like Willy Graf if I could end today's vuglarity with it, especially our sexual decadence.  To quote Gómez Dávila:

Sex does not solve even sexual problems.

Modern man’s life oscillates between two poles: business and sex.

Modern society is abolishing prostitution through promiscuity.

Sexual promiscuity is the tip society pays in order to appease its slaves.

The problem is not sexual repression, nor sexual liberation, but sex.


You are too short for this ride. Sexuality is a curse by God, Christ, as Andy Nowicki, Catholic himself, understood as well (cf. Confessions of a Would-Be Wanker and Notes Before Death). Schopenhauer and tto Weininger were the first thinkers laying this
deep truth down in their own words.

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