Quran Burning Simulator 2023
Sandniggers get insanely triggered when you burn their shit book. The recent book burning events in Denmark and Sweden prove that.

Are you tired of arabs ruining your country? Triggering sandniggers is fun. Maybe you want to burn a quran but you don't have muslim embassy in your city and burning a quran in you backyard is pointless.

I made a game where you can burn qurans with a flamethrower. You start by burning quran into a pile of fire and then you get flamethrower.

Please share with your friends and rehost the game to prevent censorship.

Download: https://solstice-studios.itch.io/quran-b...-simulator
Alternate download link: https://1fichier.com/?d48i3ak74yr3261pwox1

[Image: Y0KOzp.jpg]
If you actually made this, good job on applying yourself and completing something. And if it's on itch I guess that makes it more likely that the file is safe, but I still might pass on this.

You don't actually hear much about Muslims or the Quran lately anymore. I think that's because the discourse advanced and everyone now acknowledges that that was a more polite way to talk about raw demographics. More obvious now that Muslims themselves identify with their iphones rather than their meme book. Last Quran burnings I saw in scandinavia were people from the traditionally islamic world. They seem to take really strongly to reddit atheism of the kind considered embarrassingly outdated in the first world today among those of christian cultural descent. Very interesting to observe. If this game actually takes off within any crowd you might find it to be enlightened edgelords who grew up in vestigially islamic households.
(09-21-2023, 07:22 AM)Amarnite Wrote: Are you tired of arabs ruining your country? Triggering sandniggers is fun. Maybe you want to burn a quran but you don't have muslim embassy in your city and burning a quran in you backyard is pointless.

[Image: 2BOJAEv.jpg]

I won't tread over what Anthony has brought up, I will simply state two things:
This game like the worldview it has is like from the 2010s, in the worst way. From the screenshot alone I can tell its on the fidelity and technical level of 3d fps steam shovelware that started to crop up then. If people using the 30 year old DooM engine can make something nicer than this, you can with modern tools.

Secondly this game is a trifle. From the action of burning simulated Quran's(Not even nicely rendering it) what are you going to get? Possible performative outrage from third rate video game magazine? Here I suggest something if your going down this polemical line, make a actual game and base it around actions that would require much more than one amazon order of a book lighter fluid and a matchbook to do irl. There's already a example to follow here:
[Image: wC91H5Y.png]

I realized I should expand on point 2
[Image: VLKh2j9.png]
The game is pretty much a value inversion of games like these on itch. Angry Goy, in contrast was a game that raised such hackles by its very existence I cannot say where to get it now or its sequel. It was a simple concept, you play as a chud(Predates the term, but it fits) and you shoot all the enemies of the west and their ring leaders. Both followed the simple formula of ripping off NES shooters but adding in a polemical edge. Thus to me they are charming and show a care to have entertainment value(By using proven formula's). What is here by contrast, is a pure protest project. Boring like all the rest in the art world.
[Image: 3RVIe13.gif]

“Power changes its appearance but not its reality.”― Bertrand De Jouvenel
I am arab and I think you game offensive friend. I am very angry and rage at your game you must respect others believes, the القرآن is holy book and this no freedom of speech. I am very in rage at your disrespect. 
This no funny. Burn holy book no funny. Go to hell infidel.
Hope you die in jihad. This no humor. I burn bible too.
Allah will no have mercy on your soul if you do not repent. I am very offended at game. Your game made all the people in my town angry the imam said he was in fury and that Allah will punish you for making bad games. Come to Awheeda if you have courage.
I sex your mother for saying shit online about the prophet I rape your father
you made enemy of egypt but enemies of egypt always lose in the end greetings for cairo
You are dog and we will stone you for burning quram 
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When arabs unite you people in the west will learn to respect us. People in the west are too materialistic and have lost all respect. Thats why your countries are failing, and thats why the future is in Arab countries. I hope one day you learn from your mistakes. The light of Allah reaches every corner of the world, and its never too late to let it in. 

Greetings from Morocco,

9/11 WE KILL YOU!!!
i dont see controversy its just funny internet i play this game and was funny and i am devout muslim i go to the mosque its just comedy you dont have to take everything serious friends
comedy means respect

this is no respect

this is no comedy
i know where you live. i can track you through the website.
starfield good videogame diablo good videogame this is crap vifdeogame i reviewed with a zero start! -- Ali


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