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This is a highly disorganized note inquiring best procedure from the state of current American politic:

Contemporary Leftist rhetoric tends to be rejected outright among the vast majority of prepropagandized people on the planet, and even a lot of the propagandized... on what grounds would it be attractive to people who don't additionally possess ethnic resentments against White people? If they were "Gay"? If they were misanthropic on an alternative basis? (Yes, or maybe the propaganda (Read: "Social Engineering") is also enough, too - See New Englanders, other Cargo Cults deifying American Conformist/System opinion (The Netherlands).)

Formula: Propagandization + Ethnic Resentment = The Median Leftist Partisian. The proof seems in the pudding: See Trump voter statistics by race versus other variables. Question lies in what the more significant factor is - the latter type of thing tends to immediately stir people at their core; the former seems a softer/gradual process, usually instilled beginning at childhood - familial political alignment, "Schooling", being turned via the Internet, etc.... less static?

-Case: the "Rightist" whose alignment solely depends on familial political alignment, or Internet videos... easily turned?

-Case: Blacks, etc. They generally don't approve of things like "being Gay" - they politically align with Leftism because it's a vote towards their pocket, and because it's a club to hit Whitey with.

-Case: consider the "antiracist Rightist", often "POC" Conthervative/"Rightist". It might be the most important political clefts of 2023 lie in a triad - between the "Rightist POC" and other "Maintainers of Conservatism", Median Leftists and Homosexuals/Negrolatrists (more thoroughly allied), and people like us. Who would either of the other groups point to as the primary target of political elimination?

For all of the recent interest in Schmitt it seems much of the American "Right" has a real problem with Friend versus Enemy distinction. Basic problem with Democracy, maybe. The petty infighting within "The Real Right" reveals this further. The Internet has yet to solve the Personality Cult problem (ofc it doesn't want to - Left infighting + Right infighting = Profit).
- Free Speech/Disagreeableness issue?

My question is how political actors can adequately fight the Left. Forgive me if I'm throwing nuclear-grade salad retardation or basic shit here, I'm thinking on the keyboard.
National Kid
A Total Refutation of leftist WorldView followed by Mockery and Humiliation.
The left has done a good job at Controlling the Language and Perpetuating their Myths, but this can be countered by Doing the Same thing. The lefts Myths only Exist because they were so thoroughly Disseminated and have gone unchallenged, because of this they can be countered by a Concise Erudition of our Counter-Narrative. One popular leftist myth is that the Cold War was about Communism VS Capitalism which is counter to the Truth that it was actually about Two SuperPowers both on an Anti-Imperalism Campaign(See Suez Canal Crisis). Truth Establishing is very important. It would be best if we could Disseminate our own Myths to counter leftist Myths to deprive them of WorldView justification. Another Strategy is to be very Pedantic with Language. This has been the lefts strategy for a while and must be opposed at all costs. Never use their vocabulary and instead Spread our own. I think this is called Vangaurdism? 

The Humiliation part comes after the Deconstruction of their WorldView. This would be used against the people who still perpetuate these myths even after they have been refuted. There Exist no Greater Joy then to see them shut up about their stupid shit as they have been so throughly Refuted and then to mock them, Rub salt into the wound and destroy their ego through Shame and Humiliation.

Main Point is Counter-Propaganda is very Important and our own Myths and Truths should be spread to Establish our WorldView. This of Course means the Fabrication of our own Myths that spring from our WorldView.
I agree on the mockery and truth establishment parts, but the 2023 vanguard Right doesn't win by adopting severe control of speech parameters. I probably don't think it'll win by adopting pedantically obtuse messaging for the sake of clouding people's vision, either. The reason the Left is always so censorious and salivatious over Pitesti Prison-style revenge fantasies against those rejecting it is that it seeks an ultimate upturning of human life as such, and so as a matter of course avoids inconvenient truths that could serve as arguments against their project. On the other hand, the reason anyone would seek genuine Rightism lies in acknowledgement of reality. Truth has a tendency to win out absent censorship, the not-so-recent afterwake of the COVID bullshit circus bore that out even among basic people. Humiliation then plays out in concert - after all, they've claimed to be the "true science-bearers", at least since Marx.

You'd probably agree a potential "Long March" could lie in the spread of truthful humor (BAP's argument). Mind that Leftism was only able to take real hold in institutions following the dissemination of mass visual media, the messaging of which was, from inception, hugely bottlenecked by things like passageways of bureaucratic approval, and reliance upon financing. Eventually things like production codes came in, mafia-strategy trade unions, etc. You're familiar with the POJ factor underlaying and basically motivating these things.

The Internet really is the prime tool of deconstructing the (really very fragile) Boomer Truth Narrative. I guess my point is that guys like Musk could serve as the heroes we need (like the movie, Batman). Free speech on the Internet might serve as the best vector against the Left. As far as irl politic from there, I really don't have an answer.
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An Idea for IRL Political Action, this Is less about methods and more about Achievable Goal.

Education Reform would be a good place to start, the left owns both k-12 and Higher Education. It’s ZOG the whole way up or down. The k-12 system Is a mediocracy, meant to try and lower down the Higher Intellect. While the goal of Higher Education for the masses, as I’ve read and experienced, Is Political Education In leftist politics. Although the reform won’t necessarily be political I think it will flush the leftist out of these institutions. Leftism Is a byproduct of rot and decadence but once the progressive energy of vitality is unleashed the leftist will have no shadows to hide in.

The first steps for Education Reform would be targeting k-12 first. Transforming the Mediocracy Into a Meritocracy. Paying intelligent students to go to school and a restructuring of the class room size according to intelligence segregation, smart kids have smallest class size, like mentioned In ‘Rise of the Meritocracy’ Would be needed to free the student most Burdened by the suffocating mediocracy. For k-6 an improved Education Theory would need to be Introduced but just Giving Intelligent students more attention and smaller class room size for them would be best improvement. 7-12 Math and Science classes wouldn’t need that much improving but English class would have to be Completely redone. The content of the books is alway Shit tier, something about how Whitys Evil or Men are Evil or White Men are Evil. ShakeSpear and The Odyssey can stay but the new Criteria should be Books that Inspire Great Passion, Great Vitality. Having to read a bad book Is like drinking poison. Grammar should also be more Studied, I don’t think this needs an Explanation. Start teaching Greek and Latin, Students should be made to Recite Epic Poems In their Tradional Tongues. An Education in the Art of Rhetoric should be brought back. A more Complex Writing Theory should be Taught to Students, the Writing Theory they teach to Students Is Practically Non-Existent. A Deeper Education on Nutrition and Physical Health. There’s simply too many fatties. It should be Mandatory. Would Ray Peats be good for the Nutrition(have not read his stuff)? American Public Schools will now have Uniforms and the teachers too. A certain level of Artistic Ability will be as expected as Literacy, In fact I Consider It a form of Literacy.

As for Higher Education, I think the Energy from a Successful Reform in the k-12 Schooling will lead to a change In Colleges. A Purge of the useless LibArt classes only meant for leftist Political Education. A Total Humanities Death. No longer will Professors Randomly Babble about “climate change” and “equity” or whatever commie bullshit their on that day.

This Is only rough Vision but I think It has some Chance to Hail in Victory!

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