Request images
Request custom made Gigachad, Soyjaks et al. in hopes the artists in AmarnaForum may take care of them. This thread is openly self-serving, so I will start.

1) Pyotr Wrangel / Nemets Groyper
2) Moviebob Gigachad

Thank you.
"Let it be known that I am Amarna's top Moviebob respecter."
[Image: HHEJrE9.jpg]
I made a few variations...

[Image: xtzu6r.png][Image: arpik1.png]
[Image: pbie0h.png][Image: 7footr.png]
[Image: t2qakz.png][Image: vo37xt.png]
[Image: yc2s4q.png][Image: ozcvv7.png]
Thank you both, they are great.
Will Smith kneeling on Chris Rock's neck. I am not going to post it or use it for anything, but it would amuse me.
Steve Sailer Gigachad for citing racial crime statistics

[Image: Sailer2.jpg]
[Image: Sailer.png]
idea from
[quote pid="1417" dateline="1649624796"]
idea from

Awesome. Keeping this one for future use. Good work.
[Image: 01-B06753-716-B-461-E-8-D22-13470-B54-F00-D.jpg]

Does anyone have this image with logos face on the pointing guy? Also could anyone photoshop logos face on one of the white guys in this pic…

[Image: E8-AEBA32-626-D-4032-9-D9-A-8-BCD17650-ABC.jpg]
[Image: 68-E064-B7-9432-4-F77-86-D3-E09733-D0-FF2-A.jpg]

Replace “walkable space and public transportation” with “no black people”. No other changes.

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