Restoration of the Physiognomic Science
There has some talk on physiognomy in the chatbox so I figured I’d make a thread for more permanent discussion on it. In our sphere it’s become a meme and simplified into ‘libtards are ugly’.

I’d say there are three ways in which physical appearance and personality are related. Appearance can influence personality, personality can influence appearance, and they can be correlated genetically.

People are treated differently based on how they look. This can cause them to become more confidant, withdraw from social interaction, or overcompensate in some way (eg. some short or fat people playing up a ‘loud funny’ personality).

Lifestyle choices (themselves influenced by personality) can also influence looks. Mundanely, staying inside makes one pale, fatness indicates laziness, and vice versa. Posture also influences facial structure (and posture itself is an element of looks). Slouched posture and craned neck (from sitting in from of a computer for example) can result in recessed maxilla, chin, etc. In the Norwood thread on old Amarna, I posted a video about the balding personality. I’ll link it again here as I think it’s an interesting example of the confluence of personality, looks, and genetics. Genetics determines sensitivity to stress, the environment and life itself provides stresses, which causes the body to produce more stress hormones affecting personality. The personality itself reinforces this, and the stress on the body is also the cause of balding.

There are also correlations between various physical characteristics almost certainly caused by genes and personality types which are difficult to directly relate to them causally.
From this article:
Quote:The results are unsettling. Xiaolin and Xi found that the neural network could correctly identify criminals and noncriminals with an accuracy of 89.5 percent. “These highly consistent results are evidences for the validity of automated face-induced inference on criminality, despite the historical controversy surrounding the topic,” they say.

Xiaolin and Xi say there are three facial features that the neural network uses to make its classification. These are: the curvature of upper lip which is on average 23 percent larger for criminals than for noncriminals; the distance between two inner corners of the eyes, which is 6 percent shorter; and the angle between two lines drawn from the tip of the nose to the corners of the mouth, which is 20 percent smaller
There is also the observation that brachycephalic people are more robust, and more.
Sitting at a computer should not make you crane your neck if you have proper furniture i.e. any chair + any desk that the chair and your legs fit underneath. I think craned neck and hunched back are the result of being a buck broken dead souled cuck more than anything because I probably am in the 95th percentile of computer + phone usage and I still have better posture than 95% of “people” I see in public.

People are just so cucked that they are afraid to puff their chest out and hold their head in a dignified manner because it displays confidence and masculinity. This results in bad posture over time. It’s the same as uptalking, not giving firm handshakes, avoiding eye contact, etc. Or they are doing their homework on a laptop hunching over a coffee table which is ridiculous but I could see people doing it.
I'm guessing you lift weights and at least sometimes consciously correct your posture. I do think that computers affect posture as most people don't have them at the right height to sit straight. But yes I agree that downness/brokeness causes this too. This cuts the relation from mental to physical even shorter.
I think chest supported rows is the exercise that corrected my posture. I used to do them at 30 degrees, but do them as a db seal row now and that still seems to help.
Large breasts in women correlate with greater lustfulness, promiscuity, and extroversion. Primarily a way for woman to signal good genes to 'fast life history strategists' per Edward Dutton. Good taste vindicated.

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