Rudolf Steiner
What are y'all's thoughts on Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy? I am a fan of his work, especially the Waldorf model for education.
Glory be to God for all the things in Life.

I went to a Waldorf school as a child. The administration (hearing this after the fact, I was too young to understand at the time) was quite split between following the Anthroposophical model or the more secular variant. As of now, the school has been taken over by a handful of suits that expanded it to include a highschool; it's now a purely for-profit venture without much of a connection to Anthroposophy or even the Waldorf model. I imagine this is quite common in America, but I can't say the same for Europe where there are hundreds of such schools and the education system is normalized (I do wonder how this can conflict with school systems with far less freedom than the U.S.)

Though I didn't learn how to read until I was 10, and I couldn't multiply until around age 9, I still think its greatly beneficial and not nearly as detrimental to a child as some might imagine. I went on to a very math-heavy discipline and don't struggle with logical thought. Rather, I think my upbringing gave me a unique vision of the world that allows me to reconcile art and reason, and a classical appreciation of metaphysics: this is what I imagine C.S. Lewis wanted for himself when he lamented the fall of medieval thought.

Anthroposophy itself is quite strange, but I also think these people are really on to something, and more importantly that they're not soulless. I previously thought new-agers and hippies were the lost souls close to the truth but never allowed an opportunity to express it; it is the anthroposophists, not "hippies", that can actually see divine and good things. Their belief system is Germanic in nature much like a non-gay "new christianity", and deeply lindy. As a child they had me dancing in geometrical patterns wearing light colors of cloth so that we could channel nature spirits. This is where life really shines. I urge everyone here to become acquainted with it, especially as we enter a spiritual revival once the tiktok whores lose their iron grip on the younger generations. One of the primary tenets of anthroposophy is to reconcile spirituality with modern science; it's by nature futurist.

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