I have a strong dislike of jannying and being jannied, so only the bare minimum of rules will be put in place.

Do NOT post:
- Anything illegal (terrorist threats, pirated content, kiddy porn, etc). This should go without saying.
- Anything legal that could still result in angry letters to my hosting provider (dox, gore, loli, etc)
- Spam, double/triple posts, etc

Format your posts sensibly. Don't use giant images, inexplicably colored / formatted sections, vast gulfs of empty space, or anything else that makes the post unnecessarily gaudy and hard to read.

Don't engage in Internet Drama. I hate Internet Drama.

That is all.
Someone just tried to sign up to the forum with an .edu email address. Please don't do this.
To the person who just tried to register, I deleted your account instead of validating it. If I think your username falls below my completely arbitrary standards for decency I'm not letting you in.

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