"Schizo Granola Moms" and the Study of Aberrant Females
Are female Norwoods a thing? Or did Norwoods pick up their insufferable mannerisms from their mothers?

Reading a certain atrociously written "parasite pill" PDF (if you wanna see for yourself, read here) I have come to realize that there is a certain... type. You can easily recognize it as female, I am sure. There's something about the weird "showman" style writing, the sense of urgency, forced snarkiness, trying to appear smart, like they're in on it and giving you a taste but in a very hysteric, manic manner, it all feels insufferable, fake and gay due to the "high energy," it is the equivalent of giving someone with social anxiety a truckload of crack and amphetamines and telling them to hold a public speech function.

You get me, no? And this sorta insufferable behavior/style is VERY common among these very invested conspiracy circle among the female minority, there's this weird over-enthusiasm and simultaneous attempt to appear above it all or whatever the fuck. Q boomer ladies as emblematic of this nowadays, the "type example" of this stereotypically middle aged (I would need more research to find any examples of such chicanery in women older than 25 before the mid-age) and seemingly taking "le epic internet schizo" too damn seriously neither without the irony (the cringe norwood meme schizos) nor genuine esoteric insight or initiation (the good type) resulting in some weird insufferable grating sham.

Previous incarnation was the weird organic food meme diet obsessed soccer mom (or the schizo granola mom, as one of my twitter mutuals put it) that was made fun of back in pre-gamergate internet, you know all the "moms against/for x" groups and trolling them and such. But the typology was the same, this sorta cult-like but very open demeanor, very smug, snarky as if they know everything there is to life... What does it remind you of?

Now here we get interesting theories: since this sorta behavior appears in middle-aged women, and because norwoodism is a very "millennial" thing, they are born to a generation that had very late births, and perhaps, as they entered their teens, the most important stage of growth, their mothers transformed into these estrogen beasts, and their kids, even if disliking these smartass mannerisms, subconsciously picked up upon them slightly, resulting in many of the characteristic mannerisms?

I guess this can be a thread to discuss female norwood equivalents in general, even if they are all pretty soyish by default there are still various exotic types...
A slightly less mentally ill version of that Showman writing style shows up in all the “Legendary Mind-Blowing 4chan Greentexts” that are immortalized on Reddit and twitter. 30% information and 70% marketing-style fluff like rhetorical questions, “Now you’re probably thinking…But wait there’s more!…However, that’s not all that I found in my research”-type stuff. Retarded people are so zogged by marketing that in their brain “this style = legitimate, and if it’s legitimate…then wow that’s mind blowing!”

I can post the most informative, useful, mind-blowing things and no one pays attention because I write in a very plain and information-dense way. There is also the matter of IQ. Marketers use simple vocabulary and short sentences. Low IQ people cannot comprehend the meaning of sentences that are complicated, conditional, or recursive in some way. For example they cannot understand the meaning of this sentence, the previous sentence, or the first sentence in this paragraph. Low IQ people are very stubborn about believing any new information that doesn’t come from a “legitimate” source, especially if it contradicts their retarded priors, so the 70% flashy marketing fluff is necessary to break through to them.
Yeah, it's a "grifter" style. This seems like an attempt to imitate it, but completely cluelessly, and inappropriately. They talk like fuckin conmen but after being beaten on the had with a cast iron pan and then given cocaine, constantly in every situation, which just adds to the absurdity

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